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By Golf Channel DigitalApril 6, 2001, 4:00 pm
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Brandel_C - shared the first round lead at the 1999 Masters and eventually finished T-18. He is providing his daily analysis for Viewer's Forum and our new interactive show Masters Updates From Tee to Green.
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Brandel_C - Hi. Looking forward to your questions for the next hour. Feel free to talk about anything golf related or Augusta related.
Leo M- unfortunatly your longshot pick, Greg Norman had a bad day today but what you think the winning score will be this year?
Brandel_C - I think right around 11 or 12 under par, if the weather stays the way they have forecasted. The course and greens will firm up. I would like to be 10-under heading into Sunday.
Brandel_C - Unless of course Tiger is at 18-under. ;o)
#1Hacker - Do you think Duval Has a good chance to take the lead Come Sunday?
Brandel_C - Well based on his performances this year, I would have said no. Based on his performance the last couple of days, I would say yes. It looks like the wrist is okay and he has regained his form. I think it would be an exciting telecast if he was.
Shyers1 - Do you think that the proposed changes at Augusta will favor Tiger?
Brandel_C - I think any golf course, however it plays, favors Tiger. I think the proposed changes are necessary to stay true to it's intended charm, owing to the fact that the course was intended to cause problems with strategy and mental anquish, and when you're hitting a wedge into the 15th hole, you are not going through the necessary mental anguish.
scottie- Please ask Brandel what his plans re for this year - will he play in Vancouver, and what about The Open in England? Regards from Eric Grant in Vancouver.
Brandel_C - Yes, I plan to play at Vancouver. It is obviously a favorite stop of mine. I love the city, the golf course and the surrounding area.
Brandel_C - Yes, I do plan on playing the open at Royal Lytham. I played there in 1982 and look forward to returning.
Leo M- The leaderboard is shaping up for an excellant weekend of golf who are your picks to win?
Brandel_C - Hey Leo! My pick to win is Tiger. It is his tournament to lose and I do not think that he will. Do not eat all the barbecue at my house on Sunday! See you soon...
bunky- How is Driscoll doing today, Im at work?
Brandel_C - He is -3 through 15, 1-over for today's round. Under the circumstances, I would say he his representing himself very well. And who knows, with his talent, he could light it up this weekend and finish high. I am very impressed with this young fellow.
TGC_COM - FYI for Bunky you can follow the full field scores from our homepage
Leo M- the wife and I are thinking the way the scoring is going it will take 15 under this year
Brandel_C - Ordinarily, I would not be inclined to disagree with you on subjects of computers or the stock market. But as it relates to golf, I am going to have to differ with you here. I think -12 will be the winning score, owing to the fact the course will play much harder this weekend, with the weather forecasat. ( Why aren't you working?
Shyers1 - Is the course today starting to get more difficult than yesterday?
Brandel_C - It looks like to me that the course is playing more difficult than yesterday. 8-under is leading, so they have not assaulted par to the extent that they did yesterday. No doubt the committee at Augusta was not pleased with yesterday's assault. I am sure it will only get tougher this weekend.
Malgolf - Should Scott McCarron be playing at Augusta this week?
Brandel_C - Well, I think that the qualifications for exemption into Augusta are appropriate. I think that by and large the people who have the best chance of winning the tournament are there. There will always be examples of players who might play well there who are not in the field. But you have to draw the line somewhere.
Brandel_C - Certainly Scott is playing very well, and if he continues, he will be in the field next year.
TGC_COM - We're just getting started with today's chat. Please post your questions for PGA Tour player Brandel Chamblee!
2golf - 9 handicap. lady golfer, I have problem with ball position, can hit ok any tips?
Brandel_C - When you practice, line up a club parallel to your intended line and lay another club at a 90 degree angle to that. Make sure that your ball position is off your left armpit, or just inside the instep of your foot closest to the target. But you are already a 9 handicapper. If you start beating your husband, he may not like it. Your ball position must pretty good already.
Playa - If an amateur wins the masters does he get the prize money?
Brandel_C - If an amateur wins the Masters, he does not get the prize money. However, shortly after the tournament, he will sign endorsement deals with lots of zeros and live happily ever!
Malgolf - How about Calc's move today? The Claw grip has helped energize his career!
Brandel_C - Great move for Calc today. He has played well all year. No surprise that he is playing well here. The course suits his game and he is certainly an accomplished contender but I don't think he can catch Tiger....even with the claw. Perhaps maybe with a hammer.
2golf - I already beat him. Thanks for tip. My best friend named her son after you.
Brandel_C - Congratulations on beating your husband, although I am sure he is not too happy about it. In regards to your best friend, tell her that although I certainly love my name, her son will be burdened with the pronunciation and spelling for his entire life, and I would love to meet him somewhere down the line.
ChAS - what kind of ball do u use
Brandel_C - I assume you are talking about golf, because I have every kind of ball in my house that any 4 year old would want. As for golf, the Titleist ProV1 is the hottest thing in golf ball technology since the rubber core replaced the gutta-percha.
Brandel_C - Sadly, these balls are rationed and you're more likely to win the lottery than get five dozen of them from your pro shop. Hope you get some!
Brandel_C - Chamblee turned pro in 1985...he finished 99th on last year's PGA Tour money list. He led the '99 Masters after day one and went on to finish T-18.
Boodled - Do you think this is Arnie's last competitive round at the National?
Brandel_C - No. I think that Arnold can still play reasonably well and he is in excellent shape. I think he will continue to play there as long as he is able to walk 18 holes. It will be a sad day when he does not thrill the galleries with his presence.
fairway1 - It seems to me that the current stars of the Pga are trying to raise thier level of play to catch Tiger, if that happens Tiger will raise it again...What happens then
Brandel_C - The game of golf is growing at a quantum leap in Tiger Woods. The gap is very large between him and his contenders, so there is a lot of room to catch up. I think that Tiger will continue to get better as he matures, and this does not bode well for the other players on Tour. But, they will continue to work out and younger players will come along and eventually challenge Tiger.
axmax97 - What clubs do you use?
Brandel_C - I use an assortment and somehow manage to keep all the companies happy. I have Callaway irons, Cleveland wedge, Ping sand wedge, Callaway woods and a Ping putter.
Barb - Any plans to revisit Point 'O Woods G & CC, Benton Harbor, MI for the Western Am? I remember your visit from the 1980's.
Brandel_C - Point O' Woods is still one of the best golf courses I have every played, and I have many fond memories of the Western Amateur there. However, we do not play any tournaments close to that area, so unless I get there on a vacation, I don't see myself going back to Benton Harbor. It's a beautiful place and a beautiful course.
Leo M- As a sucessful tour player what would say the strengths of your golf game are?
Brandel_C - Well, I would say that they change daily, if not hourly. But I would like to think that when I am playing well, I am one of the best drivers on Tour and I manage my game to get the most out of it. However, when I am playing with you, I am too busy trying to figure out how your 50 yard slice ever finds its target, so I may not play to my standards.
axmax97 - I wonder if DiMarco can pull up a bigger lead before the round is over?
Brandel_C - I think that DiMarco has a chance to birdie the 15th hole, which he is on right now, and it appears as if the 18th pin placement is condusive to another birdie.
fairway1 - Didn't you play in the 1999 Masters..If true, why arent you there this year?
Brandel_C - Yes, I did play in the '99 Masters. I am not in the field this year, because I did not finish in the top-40 on the money list last year, and was not ranked in the top-50 on the world money list last year. Thanks for bringing up a sore point. I am much happier doing my taxes this week than playing at Augusta...NOT!
Brandel_C - finished T-18 (Tied with Tiger) in 1999 which unfortunetly was just shy of the Top 16 who get invited back the following year!
chAS - Do you know if you will be attending the Buick open in michigan this year
Brandel_C - I am undecided as to whether or not I will be playing at Warwick Hills. The last time I played there, I played well, and I have fond memories of the place. I will make up my mind soon. Hope to see you there.
Sedona - I went to the Masters in 1992 and I noticed how almost the entire course turns right to left. I also notice that the left fairway bunker on 18 catches more than it's share of balls. Is it hard, even for great pros, to move the ball left to right after being asked to do the opposite for most of the round?
Brandel_C - The reason you see such a large # of balls go left into the bunker on 18 is becuase if you overcut your tee shot,l you could very easily make bogie or worse. Because of this, players play at the bunkers and try to hit a small cut shot, but if they miss it, they still have a play from the bunker.
Brandel_C - A prime example is Sandy Lyle's birdie from the bunker in 1988 to beat Mark Calcavecchia by one shot. But your question is a good one. When you practice hitting draws leading up to the Masters and then are asked to hit a fade on the 18th hole, it is a more difficult shot.
TGC_COM - We have about 15 minutes left with
Brandel_C - let's keep moving!
chAS - i have heard that the ladies precept is the longest ball is that true
Brandel_C - I have not hit the Lady Precept, but I do know quite a few players on Tour are suffering the embarassment of playing a 'lady' ball, so there must be something to the myth that this ball goes further. Otherwise, no self-respecting male professional would play a 'lady' ball, because they are generally of a lower compression, and would not perform well with a higher club speed.
TGCrules - I noticed your long shot pick to win was Greg Norman. Now that Norman ballooned and will most likely not even make the cut, who are you going with now?
Brandel_C - I am going to say Mark Calcavecchia, although you could not technically call him a long shot. As proven, he has the game to play well at Augusta, and if Tiger stumbles, he could certainly be there to take home the trophy on Sunday.
Sedona - Being from Arizona, I know a bit about Jonathon Kaye, an aspiring young pro who just barely made the top 40 this past year. What will his experience at the Master do for him as a player as he goes forward?
Brandel_C - Well, if you know Jonathan Kaye, then you know he is a unique individual, somewhat of a free spirit. However, I am certain that even free-spirit like Jonathan will leave Augusta with a certain feel for history and aspire to make some of his own.
Malgolf - Mickelson is making a back of DiMarco now. What do you think is holding him back from winning at Augusta?
TGC_COM - We have less than 10 mins left!
Brandel_C - I think that in the past Phil Mickelson has made too many double bogies as a result of his instinctive aggressive play. Although Phil is marvelously talented, no player can win at Augusta taking bold risks all day long. I think he realized this and this year, prior to the tournament, stated he would play with more caution. So I am not surprised to see him playing well.
fairway1 - Is it healty for Tiger and the Tour that he wins so much..If Tiger gets bored, do you think he will leave the sport earlier than expected?
Brandel_C - I think that Tiger, from very early on in his life, had a sense of history, and he has an uncanny ability to make it. Tiger is a rare individual that is very goal oriented and very dedicated. I do not think he will tire of this sport in the next 20 years. So, pick your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy the show.
CoreyG - what do you think the chances are for Mike Weir to win the Masters?
Brandel_C - I think that Mike Weir has shown he can play world class golf in major championships. I think he is a long shot to win at Augusta, however I think his game would serve him very well at the other 3 majors, where there is more of a demand for ball striking.
TGC_COM - FYI - Mike Wier shot 69 today to move to -1 through 2 rounds. He is currently T-29.
axmax97 - Do you think you will play in any future Masters?
Brandel_C - I certainly hope to play in a future Masters. It is a treat to be included in the field. It is a goal of mine to play in next year's Masters and I am doing everything I can to achieve this goal.
TGC_COM - Only 5 minutes left...if you want to check out what Brandel has been chatting about so far click on the 'review history' link.
Sedona- What do you think about Phil's mind? He's always had the physical gifts. Does he have the mental toughness to win a major or is he destined to be without one?
Brandel_C - I think Phil has the mental toughness and all of the other necessary skills to win a major tournament or any other tournament he is in. He perhaps is playing with more caution at Augusta this year because he realizes he doesn't need to do anything special to be in the hunt on Sunday...he is that good.
Sedona- Shouldn't Augusta National stop focussing on making the course longer and just put in more bunkers and trees so there is more of a premium placed on driving accurately?
Brandel_C - The founder of the tournament, Bobby Jones, and the architect, Alistair Mackenzie, believe that a golf course's difficulty should lie in the character of the undulations. That a course should bring the greatest pleasure to the greatest number. Bunkers, it was their belief, only penalized the less skilled players. Keeping true to the intended design, I don't think the committee will ever put more bunkers on the golf course.
TGC_COM - Just enough time for one last question then we need to let Brandel go!
jchat- Bandel, as a tour player how difficult is it to win all 4 majors in the same year?
Brandel_C - I think the task is next to impossible. However, Tiger Woods has made me rethink my belief he is such a rare athlete and perahps he is up to the task. Still, I think it is unlikely he will ever do it. But it should make for some great television over the next 20 years.
TGC_COM - That's all we have time for...thanks for joining us today and thanks to Brandel for taking the time to join us!
Brandel_C - I've enjoyed the last hour answering your questions. Good luck with your golf and I hope you enjoy the last 2 days of the Masters. Thank you for your emails.
TGC_COM - Thanks for logging on to!
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Cabreras win PNC Father/Son Challenge

By Associated PressDecember 17, 2017, 11:36 pm

ORLANDO, Fla. - Angel Cabrera and Angel Cabrera Jr. closed with a 12-under 60 for a three-shot victory in their debut at the PNC Father/Son Challenge.

The Cabreras opened with a 59 at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club and were challenged briefly by the defending champions, David Duval and Nick Karavites, in the scramble format Sunday. The Argentines went out in 30, and they had a two-shot lead with Cabrera's son came within an inch of chipping in for eagle on the final hole.

They finished at 25-under 199 for a three-shot victory over Duval and Karavites, and Bernhard Langer and Jason Langer. The Langer team won in 2014.

Mark O'Meara and Shaun O'Meara tied for fourth at 21 under with Jerry Pate and Wesley Pate.

Cabrera wasn't even in the field until two-time U.S. Open champion Curtis Strange and his son, Tom Strange, had to withdraw.

Duval and his stepson went out in 28, but the Cabreras regained control by starting the back nine with back-to-back birdies, and then making birdies on the 13th, 14th and 16th. The final birdie allowed them to tie the tournament scoring record.

''This is certain my best week of the year,'' said Cabrera, the 2009 Masters champion and 2007 U.S. Open champion at Oakmont. ''To play alongside all the legends ... as well as playing alongside my son, has been the greatest week of the year.''

The popular event is for players who have won a major championship or The Players Championship. It is a scramble format both days.

In some cases, the major champions lean on the power of their sons for the distance. O'Meara said Saturday that his ''little man'' hit it 58 yards by him on the 18th. And on Sunday, Stewart Cink said son Reagan told him after outdriving him on the opening four holes, ''In this tournament I may be your son, but right now I'm your Daddy!''

Jack Nicklaus played with his grandson, G.T. They closed with a 64 and tied for 15th in the field of 20 teams.

Rose wins; Aphibarnrat earns Masters bid in Indonesia

By Will GrayDecember 17, 2017, 1:59 pm

Justin Rose continued his recent run of dominance in Indonesia, while Kiradech Aphibarnrat snagged a Masters invite with some 72nd-hole dramatics.

Rose cruised to an eight-shot victory at the Indonesian Masters, carding bookend rounds of 10-under 62 that featured a brief run at a 59 during the final round. The Englishman was the highest-ranked player in the field and he led wire-to-wire, with Thailand's Phachara Khongwatmai finishing second.

Rose closes out the year as perhaps the hottest player in the world, with top-10 finishes in each of his final 10 worldwide starts. That stretch includes three victories, as Rose also won the WGC-HSBC Champions and Turkish Airlines Open. He hasn't finished outside the top 10 in a tournament since missing the cut at the PGA Championship.

Meanwhile, it took until the final hole of the final tournament of 2017 for Aphibarnrat to secure a return to the Masters. The Thai entered the week ranked No. 56 in the world, with the top 50 in the year-end world rankings earning invites to Augusta National. Needing an eagle on the 72nd hole, Aphibarnrat got just that to snag solo fifth place.

It means that he is projected to end the year ranked No. 49, while Japan's Yusaku Miyazato - who started the week ranked No. 58 and finished alone in fourth - is projected to finish No. 50. Aphibarnrat finished T-15 in his Masters debut in 2016, while Miyazato will make his first appearance in the spring.

The results in Indonesia mean that American Peter Uihlein and South Africa's Dylan Frittelli are projected to barely miss the year-end, top-50 cutoff. Their options for Masters qualification will include winning a full-point PGA Tour event in early 2018 or cracking the top 50 by the final March 25 cutoff.

Cabreras take 1-shot lead in Father/Son

By Associated PressDecember 16, 2017, 11:23 pm

ORLANDO, Fla. - Two-time major champion Angel Cabrera and Angel Cabrera Jr. birdied their last three holes for a 13-under 59 to take a one-shot lead Saturday in the PNC Father-Son Challenge.

Cabrera, a Masters and U.S. Open champion, is making his debut in this popular 36-hole scramble. His son said he practiced hard for 10 days. What helped put him at ease was watching his father make so many putts.

''We combined very well,'' Cabrera said. ''When I hit a bad shot, he hit a good one. That's the key.''

They had a one-shot lead over Mark O'Meara and Shaun O'Meara, who are playing for the first time. That included a birdie on the last hole, which O'Meara attributed to the strength of his son.

''My little man hit it 58 yards by me on the 18th,'' said O'Meara, the Masters and British Open champion in 1998. ''It's a little easier coming in with a 6-iron.''

Defending champions David Duval and Nick Karavites rallied over the back nine at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club for a 61. They are trying to become the first father-son team to repeat as winners since Bernhard and Stefan Langer in 2006. Larry Nelson won two years in a row in 2007 and 2008, but with different sons.

''I'd imagine we have to break 60 tomorrow to have a chance to win, but hey, stranger things have happened,'' Duval said. ''I've even done it myself.''

Duval shot 59 at the Bob Hope Classic to win in 1999 on his way to reaching No. 1 in the world that year.

Duval and his stepson were tied with Bernhard Langer and 17-year-old Jason Langer, who made two eagles on the last five holes. This Langer tandem won in 2014.

Jack Nicklaus, playing with grandson G.T., opened with a 68.

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Woods' 2018 schedule coming into focus ... or is it?

By Golf Channel DigitalDecember 16, 2017, 5:46 pm

Two weeks after his successful return to competition at the Hero World Challenge, Tiger Woods’ 2018 schedule may be coming into focus.

Golfweek reported on Saturday that Woods hopes to play the Genesis Open in February according to an unidentified source with “direct knowledge of the situation.”

Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg declined to confirm the 14-time major champion would play the event and told that Woods – who underwent fusion surgery to his lower back in April – is still formulating his ’18 schedule.

Woods’ foundation is the host organization for the Genesis Open and the event supports the Tiger Woods Learning Center in Anaheim, Calif.

The Genesis Open would be Woods’ first start on the PGA Tour since he missed the cut last January at the Farmers Insurance Open.