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By Golf Channel DigitalMay 10, 2001, 4:00 pm
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ScottSWhat's the best lesson or tip you've ever received that you still use today?
Gary McCord - Make sure you hold your finish and you dress nicely!
golfreakhey gary i was wondering at what age did you start playing golf at a competitive level?? Thanx
Gary McCord - I was probably 17 years of age when I started playing competitively...started playing golf at 15.
SBergWhat is your opinion of what technology is doing to the game and will anything be done to slow it's effect on the game?
Gary McCord - Technology is allowing all of my buddies to hit the ball much farther, but luckily they all go into the trees on the right. In the hands of the golf pros, it's reducing the courses to pitch and putt courses.
ScottSI've run into you a few times in Vail, CO. Any hidden gems I should play next time we get out there?
Gary McCord - Hidden gems in Vail, Colorado...I'm a member of the CC of the Rockies, which is exceptional. The courses at Cordierlla are great also.
EHN12Gary, you have seen both in their prime, who is better Tiger or Jack?
Gary McCord - All comparisons are basically odious. Jack always had an achilles heal in his short game. Tiger has no weaknesses...his short game is phenomenal. Jack was just as good, with a couple of small holes in his game. I give the edge to Tiger.
SamboHow do you balance your schedule commentating and playing?
Gary McCord - I go as fast as I can until I splat on the wall.
ss5921I miss Ben Wright, and I think Frank Chirkinian is missed as well, but you still are the best in broadcasting golf,
Gary McCord - Thanks, Mom!
DocHoganWhat would you recommend for a 4 handicapper who suddenly lost his ability to putt??? I mean for the last 2 months and 6 putters later? Besides seeing a shrink ;)
Gary McCord - Keep it simple.
t-golfwhat do you think about during your pre-shot routine
Gary McCord - First, commit to the club I am going to hit. Second, I try to visualize the shot I am going to hit. Third, I try to think of one swing thought, whatever it is for that day.
ScottSWhat's your favorite course in Europe?
Gary McCord - I really haven't played in Europe...any suggestions?
EHN12Everyone is amazed with Tiger Woods length, but I feel it is his short game that makes him the most impressive player in golf. What do you think is Tiger's strengths that seperate him?
Gary McCord - That he has no weaknesses. I'm amazed at how well he does everything.
ScottSWhat's 'in the bag' right now? Are you playing one of the new solid balls?
Gary McCord - I'm trying out one of Taylor Made's ball called the Pro Plus, seems to be working pretty well. I am going to put it into play in about a month.
seatechwhat is the proper technique when playing off pine chips around the green?
Gary McCord - I have found the best way to use the pine chips is for mulch to start my barbecue at night. It burns very hot and tenderizes the meat better.
EHN12I loved your book and your role in 'tin cup' any plans for future books or movies?
Gary McCord - I have 10 pros writing a book together. It should be done in the next year or two. We're talking about a couple of different movies and a golf television sitcom, as well.
ScottSIf you could play only one more round of golf, where would it be?
Gary McCord - Hopefully in heaven, rather than hell.
mike23Should I teach my wife to play golf?
Gary McCord - At no time should you teach your wife, or even get 100 yards of your wife while she is learning golf. Let them do all the work and you stay out of the line of fire.
MojoWhere do you get your funny material?
Gary McCord - I steal it.
Don650What's the reason the pros are getting so much distance now? Solid ball and spring effect drivers?
Gary McCord - Combination of new technology, golf balls that maximize a player's launch angle, and a lot of players going to the gym.
Don650Who are the players that will be eligible to play in the next year or two that will make the Sr. Tour more interesting?
Gary McCord - The senior tour is not going to have the likes of a Trevino, Chi Chi or a Palmer. But we will get some good ones...Zoeller, Leitzke, Stadler...some players on the horizon with great personality that will help sell tickets. And MY next tournament I will play stark naked in the third round!
LoopyIf you did not have to balance the obligations of your schedule, what are the ideal tournamants you would like to commentate on and play in?
Gary McCord - If it was a perfect world, I would play in a $5million tournament, I was the only player in the field, and I would have a microphone so I could commentate as I proceeded. AND there would be a bar at the back of every green with Catherine Zeta Jones bartending.
EHN12Is the Senior tour what you thought or hoped it would be?
Gary McCord - Quite honestly, I thought the guys would be a lot older.
seatechWhe the CBS golf team covers an event, when does the team get to play the course? When you do play with the CBS team (I assume this happens), how many srokes do you give Farehty? Ha!
Gary McCord - I don't do any homework at all. My only job is to keep Feherty away from the Irish pubs!
ScottSKen Venturi is all class! What have you learned from him?
Gary McCord - I've learned that gray goes very well with white.
SBrownWhat kind of clubs do you play Gary?
Gary McCord - I play Taylor Made...300 series irons, 320 driver, Firesole 3 and 5-wood, and new prototype forged wedges. I wear Taylor Made speedo underwear...Titanium...good support.
JinjerGary, Are you going to be here in Dallas this week?
Gary McCord - Yes, I am coming in Friday. I expect everyone to be at the airport to meet me.
EddieRThanks for making golf coverage fun!
Gary McCord - Thanks. It's very easy for an idiot like myself.
seatechDo you regret you bikini wax comment at the Masters and how much do you miss covering this event?
Gary McCord - I've never missed the event. I actually go disguised as Verne Lundquist for the last few years, and no one really knows it.
LoopyWhat's the history behind your handlebars - when did you start waxing, how often do you wax, wax-off at night?
Gary McCord - It's not really a mustache. It's just long nose hairs that went awry. If I twist the ends and pull them, my eyes water.
tgc_com - Thanks for joining us tonight. Please post your questions for Gary McCord.
Don650Who are the best two or three young players today?
Gary McCord - I think of the kids that are coming up: Adam Scott, Aaron Baddeley, Charles Howell III and the Boogie Man.
ss5921Will you incorporate the Telestrator in your future broadcasts?
Gary McCord - CBS won't let touch anything technical.
g8trmacHi, Gary. Quick question. What REALLY spurred your interest in broadcasting?
Gary McCord - Money.
EddieRWhat do you charge for lessons?
Gary McCord - $500/hr. And I've never had to give a lesson!
EHN12What does Phil need to do to win a Major?
Gary McCord - He needs to beat Tiger, duh!
seatechWhat do you think of Mike Weir's game? Do you think he has what it takes to win a Major?
Gary McCord - Mike has got all the qualities to challenge in the majors. He doesn't have too many negatives, what will hurt him in the long run is his lack of length.
GrinderWhats's the lowes competitive score you have ever recorder and what course did you fire it?
Gary McCord - I shot 56 on a video golf game...EA Sports, Tiger Woods edition. Never played better!
Gary McCord - The lowest score Really is a 63.
SBrownWhat pros(Ernie,Bernard,Faldo,etc,etc)do you see making a comeback in the near future?
Gary McCord - I would say Olazabal is going to do something pretty soon, I think.
Gary McCord - I am like Nostradamus with these predictions.
chochWhat do you think you need to do to win another event? a major?
Gary McCord - If I could play a little bit more, maybe. I need to putt the ball better. Once I do that, I'll be there.
GrinderDo you ever find that your outgoing nature inhibits the chance you may get into a 'zone' ?
Gary McCord - Being the certified idiot that I am, I can move in and out of the zone at will. The problem is, when I get into a zone, it's usually a no-parking zone...I'm immediately ticketed and have to go pick up my car from the impound.
ss5921If you won a major on the Senior Tour, would that give you the satisfaction that the under-50s get when winning their first major?
Gary McCord - NO!
MojoAren't most of the guys your age on the senior tour older than you?
Gary McCord - It's called bizarro world and I live there. I have a mobile home and live on the outskirts of bizarro world.
seatechWhat is Jim Nantz's handicap? I heard he played at the same college as Freddie Couples. Jim's a real credit to the CBS cast.
Gary McCord - Jim Nantz SUCKS at golf! Jim was Freddie's hairdresser through his tenure in college, and that's as close as he got to the golf team.
golfwrtrExplain how Mac O'Grady changed your swing
Gary McCord - He took me to the edge of the void, pushed me, I fell and fell and fell, and three parsecs later, I emerged on the cutting edge of golf wisdom, highlighted by an uncanny ability to secure my golf swing to the basic nature of the game. I now have fresh intelligence.
EHN12Who do you take for a celebrity partner, Ray Ramano, Bill Murray, or Joe Pesci
Gary McCord - If I wanted to amuse them, I would take Ray Romano. If I wanted to abuse them, I would take Joe Pesci. If I wanted to deal in the absurd, I would take Bill Murray.
dmaxxGary, what do you enjoy more now playing the game or commentating, by the way you are entertaining either way, at least for us Canadians
Gary McCord - I love the insecurity of doing both and dealing in pure mediocrity in every field I try.
SBrownDo you think you could take Colin Montgomerie in a 3 round exhibition match?
Gary McCord - I could take Monty, because I know by the third round he would tire, and I could put him in a four-figure leg lock, and the ref would have to call the match.
seatechHow do you compare what Annika Sorentstam is doing this year to what Tiger has done and continues to do?
Gary McCord - Tiger has set himself apart by winning 4 majors in a row, which I find fascinating in this day and age. Annika is dominating the LPGA, but until Annika starts running up a major streak, Tiger has got the edge right now.
chochHow much practicing do you do? How about some of the other seniors?
Gary McCord - When I'm out on the Senior Tour, I try to practice as much as I can because I don't play as much as the other pros. When I am working for CBS, I play and practice a little during the week, but not as much.
tgc_com - We've got about ten mintes left.
EHN12Ryder Cup prediction, U.S. or Europe?
Gary McCord - USA...USA....USA....
seatechYou obviously dont need the money so why do you contiunue to broadcast when you clearly have enough game to compete day in and out with the Senior Tour?
Gary McCord - Good question. This is my exact question to CBS since my contract ends at the end of the I probably will play full time on the Senior Tour next year.
Gary McCord - Yes.
ss5921Is Greg Norman the best golfer in history to never win a major in the US?
Gary McCord - Yes.
slashHi Gary Whats the deal with Jonny Miller ? why isn't he out there kicking your butt on tour
Gary McCord - Cause he can't putt a lick!
seatechIt was a pleasure talking with you Gary. I actually have been laughing out loud at some of your responses. Keep up the good work and I will look forward to hearing your humor this weekend.
Gary McCord - You're probably on drugs.
EHN12Any golf course designs in the future?
Gary McCord - I'm the meantime, how many letters does the longest word in the English language have?
Gary McCord - 1,909 letters...its a form of DNA.
tgc_com - I think its almost time for us to let Gary last question.

tgc_com - Gary has decided to start asking his own questions, and he'd like to leave you all with this one...
Gary McCord - What is the longest recorded time in flight for a chicken?
SBrown47 seconds
ss592111 hours--me on a plane
GrinderI saw one fly for about 15 seconds once. I was trying to catch it for dinner.
vegascad33 seconds
EHN126 hours on a New York to L.A. direct flight?
waybackMore than three seconds, less than three minutes...
Gary McCord - The correct answer is 13 seconds.
tgc_com - Thanks to Gary McCord and all of you for joining us tonight!
Gary McCord - I am experiencing that warm and moist feeling below my is time to go and change my Depends. Good night everyone!
tgc_com - Goodnight Gary and thanks for the insight and especially the laughs!
tgc_com - Copyright 2001.

Rose wins; Aphibarnrat earns Masters bid in Indonesia

By Will GrayDecember 17, 2017, 1:59 pm

Justin Rose continued his recent run of dominance in Indonesia, while Kiradech Aphibarnrat snagged a Masters invite with some 72nd-hole dramatics.

Rose cruised to an eight-shot victory at the Indonesian Masters, carding bookend rounds of 10-under 62 that featured a brief run at a 59 during the final round. The Englishman was the highest-ranked player in the field and he led wire-to-wire, with Thailand's Phachara Khongwatmai finishing second.

Rose closes out the year as perhaps the hottest player in the world, with top-10 finishes in each of his final 10 worldwide starts. That stretch includes three victories, as Rose also won the WGC-HSBC Champions and Turkish Airlines Open. He hasn't finished outside the top 10 in a tournament since missing the cut at the PGA Championship.

Meanwhile, it took until the final hole of the final tournament of 2017 for Aphibarnrat to secure a return to the Masters. The Thai entered the week ranked No. 56 in the world, with the top 50 in the year-end world rankings earning invites to Augusta National. Needing an eagle on the 72nd hole, Aphibarnrat got just that to snag solo fifth place.

It means that he is projected to end the year ranked No. 49, while Japan's Yusaku Miyazato - who started the week ranked No. 58 and finished alone in fourth - is projected to finish No. 50. Aphibarnrat finished T-15 in his Masters debut in 2016, while Miyazato will make his first appearance in the spring.

The results in Indonesia mean that American Peter Uihlein and South Africa's Dylan Frittelli are projected to barely miss the year-end, top-50 cutoff. Their options for Masters qualification will include winning a full-point PGA Tour event in early 2018 or cracking the top 50 by the final March 25 cutoff.

Cabreras take 1-shot lead in Father/Son

By Associated PressDecember 16, 2017, 11:23 pm

ORLANDO, Fla. - Two-time major champion Angel Cabrera and Angel Cabrera Jr. birdied their last three holes for a 13-under 59 to take a one-shot lead Saturday in the PNC Father-Son Challenge.

Cabrera, a Masters and U.S. Open champion, is making his debut in this popular 36-hole scramble. His son said he practiced hard for 10 days. What helped put him at ease was watching his father make so many putts.

''We combined very well,'' Cabrera said. ''When I hit a bad shot, he hit a good one. That's the key.''

They had a one-shot lead over Mark O'Meara and Shaun O'Meara, who are playing for the first time. That included a birdie on the last hole, which O'Meara attributed to the strength of his son.

''My little man hit it 58 yards by me on the 18th,'' said O'Meara, the Masters and British Open champion in 1998. ''It's a little easier coming in with a 6-iron.''

Defending champions David Duval and Nick Karavites rallied over the back nine at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club for a 61. They are trying to become the first father-son team to repeat as winners since Bernhard and Stefan Langer in 2006. Larry Nelson won two years in a row in 2007 and 2008, but with different sons.

''I'd imagine we have to break 60 tomorrow to have a chance to win, but hey, stranger things have happened,'' Duval said. ''I've even done it myself.''

Duval shot 59 at the Bob Hope Classic to win in 1999 on his way to reaching No. 1 in the world that year.

Duval and his stepson were tied with Bernhard Langer and 17-year-old Jason Langer, who made two eagles on the last five holes. This Langer tandem won in 2014.

Jack Nicklaus, playing with grandson G.T., opened with a 68.

Getty Images

Woods' 2018 schedule coming into focus ... or is it?

By Golf Channel DigitalDecember 16, 2017, 5:46 pm

Two weeks after his successful return to competition at the Hero World Challenge, Tiger Woods’ 2018 schedule may be coming into focus.

Golfweek reported on Saturday that Woods hopes to play the Genesis Open in February according to an unidentified source with “direct knowledge of the situation.”

Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg declined to confirm the 14-time major champion would play the event and told that Woods – who underwent fusion surgery to his lower back in April – is still formulating his ’18 schedule.

Woods’ foundation is the host organization for the Genesis Open and the event supports the Tiger Woods Learning Center in Anaheim, Calif.

The Genesis Open would be Woods’ first start on the PGA Tour since he missed the cut last January at the Farmers Insurance Open.

Rose weathering delayed Indonesian Masters

By Associated PressDecember 16, 2017, 3:52 pm

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Justin Rose held a three-stroke lead after eight holes of the third round Saturday when play was suspended for the day due to bad weather at the Indonesian Masters.

Rose was 3-under on the day and led his playing partners Kiradech Aphibarnrat and Scott Vincent. The Englishman led both players by a stroke after the second round was completed Saturday morning due to weather delays on Friday.

Brandt Snedeker withdrew with apparent heat exhaustion on Friday on the 11th hole of the second round. Ranked 51st in the world, he flew to Jakarta looking to move inside the top 50 by the end of the year and ensure a spot in next year's Masters.