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By Golf Channel DigitalJune 13, 2008, 4:00 pm
Welcome to the Golf Channels Live U.S. Open Chat with Kelly Tilghman.
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Kelly Tilghman: Hi everyone. It's Kelly Tilghman and I'm glad you've joined us tonight. For those of you on the east coast, thanks for staying up and participating. I look forward to answering your questions. I should start by saying, what a finish for Tiger! He shot 30 coming home. I also think Stuart Appleby is a worthy leader. There are so many strong names at or near the top.

thomas: Do you think Phil playing wihout a driver is a good idea?
Kelly Tilghman: Good question. I think he sacrificed some much needed yardage. it becomes quite evident when Tiger and Adam are hitting mid to short irons into greens and he's left with a long iron or a hybrid. I know he struggled to find fairways today and when you're 40 yards behind the guys in your group and in the rough, that's tough to make up. He's a talent and I hope to see him play well tomorrow.

thomas: What do you think the winning score will be?
Kelly Tilghman: I was asked this a lot yesterday and I'll stick to my original answer. I think anything at or just under par will be good enough. the course is drying out and the greens are getting faster.

Eric: Who do you think can challenge Tiger this weekend?
Kelly Tilghman: I think Luke Donald and Ernie Els could easily come into the mix but keep your eye on Lee Westwood. He's been playing some good golf on tough courses lately and I like his style. Stuart Appleby has had a taste of leads in majors before so he might have learned a lot from past experiences. It could be his time. The last 4 US Opens have been won by players in the Southern Hemisphere.
thomas: Is your game getting better with age?
Kelly Tilghman: My game is not like a fine wine. But I will say I got a great tip from Faldo recently and shot my lowest round in months.
John Daly: Have you played with John Daly?
Kelly Tilghman: I haven't played with John but I've got a great relationship with him. We've had a lot of laughs over the years. I think it would be fun to tee it up with him though.
Jen: How much fun was it to actually get to sit back and enjoy a golf tournament as opposed having to 'work'
Kelly Tilghman: That
Kelly Tilghman: that's funny.
Kelly Tilghman: i actually have been working this week prepping for the next four pga tour events. i'll be hosting all of them and i have to write teases. our team is doing a great job on the 'Live From' shows. I've watched them every night.
thomas: What do you think about the 10 inch rough in spots?
Kelly Tilghman: I think you should stay out of them
John Daly: How far can you drive the ball?
Kelly Tilghman: my average drives go about 230-240. i'm not a long hitter but i'll annoy you with my accuracy. i struggle a bit with my iron play but occasionally i can put it all together.
Steve: So will Rocco stick around for some golf late on Sunday?
Kelly Tilghman: I think Rocco's got a great shot to be there on Sunday. He's had a few strong tournaments in recent years. You know he stopped doing on course commentary because he felt healthy for the first time in a long time. it's great to see him back out there doing what he loves and on the leaderboard.
Carson: Is Tiger's 30 on the back 9(Front 9 today) His best 9 holes in a major considering his knee?
Kelly Tilghman: That's a really good question. I would argue that it just might be. It's right up there with the 30 he shot at the 1997 Masters after shooting 40 on the front... we all remember what happened there. If you asked him to rank them, I'd be interested in the answer. you can tell he's in a lot of pain but he's entirely modest.
Mike: Why do you think it is so hard to defend this title?
Kelly Tilghman: Plain and simple... it's the hardest test in golf. Curtis Strange was good enough to figure it out which should make him feel so special. i also think Retief and Ernie getting 2 in 4 years was pretty special.
John Daly: How difficult is it for other players to play with it as distracting as it looks?
Kelly Tilghman: i'm sure it is. can you imagine people talking about the shot he just hit during your pre-shot routine and your backswing... or having the hundreds of people in the gallery head to the next hole while you're standing over a 3 footer for par? that's tough.
HC: have you ever think going back on tour?
Kelly Tilghman: you know...
Kelly Tilghman: not once.
Kelly Tilghman: annika and karrie made that decision very easy for me. i competed with them on the european tour and they were winning everything. at the time, i didn't have the same tools or the funds to help me get there. they are truly special players.
Kelly Tilghman: i get my competitive spirit out in other ways these days... running, water sports, whatever i can do.
Misha: I would like to know who will win the NBA Playoffs and if the Cubs will win the World Series....
Kelly Tilghman: i think the red wings will win the nba playoffs and the bears will win the world series
Kelly Tilghman: just kidding
Kelly Tilghman: i think i'll stick to golf
cej23: What's your worst round that you remember and where did you play it at?
Kelly Tilghman: that's so depressing. i can't go there
Chad: What's your favorite all-time U.S. Open Moment?
Kelly Tilghman: payne stewart making the putt on 18 at Pinehurst in 99, then hugging Phil. you just couldn't have scripted it any better.
Brian: Do you think the Masters, or any of the other majors really, will take a page from the USGA's and pair up tiger and phil again?
Kelly Tilghman: great question. some majors might do it just because of the way they do the pairings traditionally, putting major champions from the previous year together, etc. i wouldn't think the Masters will ever take a page out of someone else's handbook because they pride themselves on tradition and their own personal style. that's what make it so special.
Eric: Who's your favorite play-by-play commentator ever, past or present?
Kelly Tilghman: I was a huge Pat Summerall fan because my dad and i used to stay up late watching football games when he was calling them. his voice was very soothing to me. i guess it reminds me of my childhood and family times. i also think Bob Costas is very talented. I always enjoy watching him at the Olympics.
HC: how big is your office at golf channels headquaters
Kelly Tilghman: i work in a 4X4 cubicle... and i have one of the biggest ones.
Ben Hogan: Is HD Television a girls best friend...meaning the close ups...
Kelly Tilghman: HD television is not a girl's best friend... but HD makeup is.
Kelly Tilghman:
dave mcclain: How many college events did you win?
Kelly Tilghman: one. furman's event. it was a true privilege to put my name on a trophy with the likes of stars like nancy lopez, betsy king, dottie pepper. stephanie sparks also won that event.
Paul: What is your handicap?
Kelly Tilghman: solid 6 or 7 from the white tees.
Kelly Tilghman: getting worse with age.
Hillary: Have you played with any Presidents???
Kelly Tilghman: no, not yet but i did host the opening tee shot ceremony at Tiger's tournament last year and asked George HW Bush to hit the inaugural shot. He nailed it.
gm19822007: First off, I think that you are doing a great job on the Golf Channel. I enjoy tuning in every weekend to watch you and Nick. Anyways do you think that if Phil Mickelson can drive the ball in the fairway that he would have a chance to win?
Kelly Tilghman: thanks for the kind words i my answer to your question is short. yes. he's that good.
toner1: Hey Kelly. Why is the mallet putter so popular now? I use an old style Arnold Palmer blade putter, very similar to what Ben Crenshaw uses and it works great for me.
Kelly Tilghman: players are taking advantage of so much technology today. mallet head putters help in different ways. you can put the weight low and back to increase top spin on a ball. also the weight of the putter head in general is so much heavier that it smooths out your stroke.
gm19822007: Were you as skocked as I was when Annika announced here retirement?
Kelly Tilghman: sort of. i didn't think she would announce it at the beginning of a season. i always thought she would wait until the end to say something knowing how shy and reserved she is. i can tell you that i know she is truly happy with her husband Mike. she deserves a year long farewell for all she's done for the game.
Steve: What did you think of Tony Romo and Justin Timberlake each breaking 100 last week at Torrey?
Kelly Tilghman: i thought it was so cool that they even tried. i would've loved to have been able to try it.
cej23: Were you one of the Cameron crazies and do you still dislike the tarheels?
Kelly Tilghman: i once camped out in the freezing cold, during flu season and mid terms to get a good seat for a duke home game against UNC. yes, i was a cameron crazy but i promise you i never painted one part of my body. those are the real crazies.
Kelly Tilghman: by the way, you asked if i 'still' hate the tar heels. you're assuming that i hated them at all. never!!!
tuggy: What was your first broadcast for the golf channel? and when?
Kelly Tilghman: my first play by play broadcast was the Mercedes Benz Championship on Maui last year. my first ever report on the golf channel came all the way back in 1997. i did a story on an all natural grass putting course in the orlando area.
Boo Weekley: I know I've heard y'all in the media say I can play but do you think I will ever actually win one of dem pretty major trophies?
Kelly Tilghman: yep. uh huh.
Kelly Tilghman: i think Boo is one of the best ball strikers on tour... and when he makes putts... watch out!
iubaseball: I guess the moderators choose to not let yo answer any bad things about Michelson. It just shows that you as a media person donot have the guts to say or ask the tough things. God forbid that you would say anything bad about Michelson. You are just nothing more than milk toast
Kelly Tilghman: my role is a play by play, not an analyst. trust me, Faldo and Miller have the toughest of the jobs
Kelly Tilghman: they are held accountable for everything they say.
Kelly Tilghman: and they definitely take chances.
Ben Hogan: Hi Kelly...what's your favorite Dinner? Do you always eat out while on the road?
Kelly Tilghman: i like milk toast.
Kelly Tilghman: just kidding.
Kelly Tilghman: i love to eat out on the road and unfortunately it's something you have to do a lot.
Kelly Tilghman: i try to eat healthy and every now and then i'll have a filet mignon with Peter Oosterhuis. He loves steak so it's kind of becoming a tradition for us.
Bobcat: Kelly, are the players at the us open playing defensive, trying not to put up a big number
Kelly Tilghman: i think the US Open forces you to play defensively. i would say everyone in the field is playing defensively the majority of the time. that said, when a player does get it close, they have to choose their spots to be aggressive. i think the USGA has done a wonderful job of creating risk reward opportuinties out there. I love seeing eagles in a US open
Malin: Can Davis Love actually win another major and if he does will that get him into the Hall of Fame?
Kelly Tilghman: i think that would be the greatest thing ever.
Kelly Tilghman: i'm a big fan of his game and he is one of the nicest guys on tour. i think he's quite capable of winning another major but it's a hurdle he's been trying to clear for years. i'm rooting for him to do it again now that he's feeling more healthy.
Monty: Has Faldo dropped any hints to you as to who he might pick as his captain's selctions?
Kelly Tilghman: nope. he's quite tight lipped on all ryder cup matters. out of respect for our friendship, i haven't pressed.
cej23: How much do you get to go home to Myrtle Beach?
Kelly Tilghman: not as much as i would like. i try to schedule trips around the holidays but lately, my family has been coming to me. they enjoy the orlando area.
Paul: We appreciate the job your and and the Golf channel team does on the tournaments. With Faldo in the booth, it sounds like it is a great, humorous time. Has he always been this open with comments and humor?
Kelly Tilghman: i didn't know Nick very well before he became involved in television. it's the only way i've ever known him to be. he's very funny and quick witted.
gm19822007: Who do you think is a sleeper that could possible win the U.S. Open?
Kelly Tilghman: i could pick one but i would have to say with all of those strong names up there, it will likely be one of them. tiger, els, ogilvy have all won opens before.
frank: Will anyone finish under par this week?
Kelly Tilghman: it's highly likely that the winner will be the one under par.
cbo7777: did you see Woody Austin's shirt yesterday...apart from being patriotic what did you think of it?
Kelly Tilghman: i think Woody's an original and i wouldn't expect anything less from him. In general, he's toned it down this year but he always seems to have something 'up his sleeve' for the big events.
Grant: what are your thoughts on Ernie this weekend?
Kelly Tilghman: i think Ernie could win purely from drawing from his past experiences. he's been struggling a lot in recent weeks but don't forget he won a tournament as early as Feb.
John D: I think the money in golf has gotten so great, that it makes people early millionairs and they lose the hunger, many things to buy, to do,----golf and the dedication it takes to play at top levels takes a back seat. I think Ernie Els has all the talent in the world, but lacks the hunger you see in Tiger. Tiger is not motivated by money or status, he has all he will ever need. ---Any thoughts?
Kelly Tilghman: John, I respectfully disagree. the simple fact that he has changed caddies, swing instructors and mental coaches in the last year should tell you something. he's also practicing as hard as i've seen in a while. golf is just such a fickle game and tiger did a number on him in 2000. he's potentially a great tiger challenger.
tuggy: What was it like to caddy for Arnold?
Kelly Tilghman: awesome, amazing, inspirational... one of the greatest golf experiences of my career.
Kelly Tilghman: to be that close to the action with the big 3 is a rare opportunity.
dave mcclain: What is your favorite flavor at Painter Home Made Ice Cream?
Kelly Tilghman: bubble gum
Kelly Tilghman: love it
tee: Kelly - given what you see of the new guard (20 year old) players coming online - do you think Tiger will get to 18 majors.
Kelly Tilghman: i do think tiger will get to 18 majors and i think he'll do it before 2012. as long as he stays healthy. jack nicklaus made the point the other day that he might not have enough players to push him along but i think jack's resume provides a lot of motivation for tiger.
Chris: Kelly are you a cat or a dog person
Kelly Tilghman: i'd have to say dog because i can't take a cat running with me.
Tiger Fan No. 1: No one can beat Tiger, right? He's in the perfect spot. Is everyone afraid of him right now?
Kelly Tilghman: afraid is a strong word. i think most of the guys are used to having him out there now. i think most guys are convinced that tiger will do something special. the question is, do they think they can do something special too? look no further than the tiger/bob may showdown at valhalla in 2000 to know it's possible for relative unknowns to take him to task as well as the big names
Dr. D: Kelly -- I am getting sick of hearing about Tiger's knee. The next time you discuss it, please do so with a split screen showing Ben Hogan at Riviera in 1948. He could hardly walk!
Kelly Tilghman: you make a great point
Kelly Tilghman: i also think Tiger is tired of hearing about his knee but he has a way of putting it out of his mind.
Wed: Where does the U.S. Open trophy ranks among the majors? I mean it's nice but you can't wear it, and you certainly can't drink out of it so it's got to be at least third right?
Kelly Tilghman: it's definitely top 4... just kidding
Kelly Tilghman: a lot of american players would say it's number one.
Kelly Tilghman: it depends on your taste
Kelly Tilghman: if you like birdies, then maybe the pga is your cup of tea
Kelly Tilghman: if you like a ground game, then it's the british.
Paul: Kelly, since you are from SC, do you know Dustin Johnson? Will he win on the tour this year?
Kelly Tilghman: i haven't met Dustin yet. i look forward to it. he's done a lot for our area and i think he could win on tour.
woodz: Kelly, it's great to see a woman who is intelligent, loves the game, and beautiful at the same time.
Kelly Tilghman: mom, is that you?
Chris: Is it true that you couldn't wear a skirt while caddying for Arnold?
Kelly Tilghman: yes, it's true. you have to wear the jumper.
Saskatone: What's the best course out there on the tour, in your opinion and what kind of music dod you like. I love country up here in Saskatchewan
Kelly Tilghman: there are so many to choose from. guess it depends on your criteria. for scenery, pebble... for challenge and nostalgia, Augusta National.
Mallory: After watching Applbey fade at the Masters a couple of years ago, can he hold on and actually win this week?
Kelly Tilghman: it could easily be his time.
Biggest fan: Got a favorite father-daughter moment with your dad on the golf course?
Kelly Tilghman: my favorite father daughter moment actually happened on the driving range. it was the only time i could get my dad to hit a shot in front of me. he had to quit the game when i was little because of a shoulder injury. i never got to play a round with him but he never missed a round of mine.
tuggy: You are HOT and I meen that in a nice and polictialy correct way.
Kelly Tilghman: ummm... thanks?
chance young: wats the most embarassing moment of ur career
Kelly Tilghman: when the guy earlier called me milk toast
BogeyChamp: I think all of the Golf Channel commentators should play a round of golf televised for a charity. Your opinion?
Kelly Tilghman: i think that's a fantastic idea.
Chandra: Kelly, what do you think of Tiger 'fatigue', meaning when Tiger is ahead, rest of the players seem to drop shots and disappear?
Kelly Tilghman: there could be something to it. i saw a statistical study proving that the actual field stroke average goes up an entire shot when Tiger is in the field.
KMB: Do you think he's primed to have one of the top rounds of his career tomorrow (63 or 64) and potentially separate himself from the field like in 2000 at Pebble
Kelly Tilghman: with all due respect, i'm not sure that number is out there.
Kelly Tilghman: he could shoot another 69 or 70 though and take the lead
KMB: I think you are HOT as well and I mean that in the 'you should pose for Playboy way'...
Kelly Tilghman: ummm... thanks?
PuttPutt: Why do you think it has been so long since a European has won this tournament? Is it a statistical fluke?
Kelly Tilghman: could be a fluke... there was a time when only europeans were winning the masters... seve, faldo, woosie, langer, olazabal. it is a shocker though that it's been 38 years, isn't it?
tigger: what golf shoes do you recommend for my wife?
Kelly Tilghman: can't say really, that's a taste thing.
tigger: What's with Nobilo's hairdo?
Kelly Tilghman: i think Frank has some of the best TV hair in the business.
Kelly Tilghman: don't you agree
Fazio: Miguel Angel Jimenez shot an amazing 66 today to move from 56th to 5th and the lowest round of the tourny so far.....but it was ignored by all media outlets.......why is that?
Kelly Tilghman: i watched the coverage and they definitely talked about it. it deserves a ton of respect.
gm19822007: Do you agree that Paula Creamer is the best female player in the world without a major?
Kelly Tilghman: i would have to say yes at this point. even though there are players with more wins that haven't captured a major, she seems to have the most potential.
golfin man: Geeeeeeez......... is it too controversial to ask a question about Tiger's Caddie???Am I the only one insulted by his arrogance at removing his Bib before the round has finished???
Kelly Tilghman: it's not too controversial and i can tell you that it caught a lot of people off guard when they finally picked up on it. but in his defense, steve did say it was tradition for them to do that. gamesmanship or not? we'll never know but if he did do it on purpose then he looks like a genius.
chance young: does the poanna grass effect the players in the afternoon tommorrow. it seems like the poanna grass makes it harder for the players in the afternoon
Kelly Tilghman: no matter the grass, players in the afternoon always have to deal with bumpier greens. it's the game.
luckycraft07: Hi Kelly.....What is your favorite type of turfgrass for putting?
Kelly Tilghman: big fan of bermuda. i grew up on it and i actually like putting on greens that roll around a 9 or 10.
Brian: I'm curious about what you're seeing when you're in the booth. Do you have multiple monitors showing everything going on, or are you watching the telecast along with us? Do you have someone talking in your ear while you're talking on the air?
Kelly Tilghman: i watch two monitors... the first one is exactly what you're seeing... the 2nd one is also what you're seeing but it's on a slight delay.
Kelly Tilghman: i do have someone talking in my ear at all times. they are telling us where we're going next and they are giving me countdowns to when i have to stop talking.
tigger: Kelly, what was it like to hit Arnies tee-shot at 9 on the par 3 at Augusta in 2007? You were under tremendous pressure and you stuck it!
Kelly Tilghman: that was probably the most nervous i've ever been on a golf course. especially considering that i was in a caddie jumper with a microphone wire on, there were thousands of screaming fans, the big 3 were watching and it was practically an island green. oh, and i was using arnie's 8 iron. other than that, i was fine!
Gregg: How about Michelle Wie's 67 2 weeks ago....tell us about ladies' golf, Kelly...
Kelly Tilghman: i think michelle wie is on the road to recovery, physically and emotionally. she has had a bumpy year but she is too good of a talent to hold back for too long. she is an asset to women's golf and the lpga couldn't be healthier than it is right now. they have so many stars.
Weir Fan: Do you like the changes Mike is making to his game? Do you see him winning another major?
Kelly Tilghman: i'm a huge Mike Weir fan. he is a great guy. he could easily win another major because i think he has the discipline to stay at the top for years to come.
Golf pro: you think Nick Faldo will ever play on the champions tour?
Kelly Tilghman: my guess is not much. he's so involved with his family, business life and his Faldo brand that golf is a distant 4th right now. heck, he's even taken up tennis lately and that might put golf in 5th place.
PuttPutt: Would these players do well in competitive miniature golf? Ben Crane challenged a miniature golfer once.
Kelly Tilghman: my hunch is yes but i learned to throw all putt putt logic out the window when my friend beat me hands down the other day. that friend has never broken 120 on a real golf course. ego is still hurting over that one.
Kelly Tilghman: one or two more questions and then it's bedtime for this kid
John D: Hey Kelly, on the men's tour---who do you see as having any chance of becoming the next superstar in golf, or is there anyone on the radar in the next 5 years?
Kelly Tilghman: i think
Kelly Tilghman: Anthony Kim has a great shot
Kelly Tilghman: Also Bubba Watson
Ben Hogan: Do your fingers cramp by the end of a chat???
Kelly Tilghman: my typing actually improves. it's great practice
Kelly Tilghman: okay gang, thanks for all of your questions. sorry if i couldn't get to yours but i'm sure we'll have another opportunity in the future. i appreciate the time with you and i look forward to spending time with you again at the Travelers Championship. Be sure to stay tuned to Live From the US Open all week. No one covers golf like us! Take care.

Spieth, Thomas headline winter break trip to Cabo

By Grill Room TeamDecember 15, 2017, 1:05 am

Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth. Really good at golf. Really good at vacationing.

With #SB2K18 still months away, Thomas and Spieth headlined a vacation to Cabo San Lucas, and this will shock you but it looks like they had a great time.

Spring break veteran Smylie Kaufman joined the party, as did Thomas' roommate, Tom Lovelady, who continued his shirtless trend.

The gang played all the hits, including shoeless golf in baketball jerseys and late nights with Casamigos tequila.

Image via tom.lovelady on Instagram.

In conclusion, it's still good to be these guys.

Getty Images

Awards season: Handing out the 2017 Rexys

By Rex HoggardDecember 14, 2017, 7:00 pm

After careful consideration and an exhaustive review of 2017 we present The Rexys, a wildly incomplete and arbitrary line up following one of the most eventful years in golf.

 There will be omissions – just keep your calls, concerns and even e-mails to yourself. We appreciate your patronage, but not your feedback.

It’s Not You, It’s Me Award. You know the deal: You can’t be a part of two until you’re a better one; but on this front it’s really just a desire to find a better two.

It was a tough year for caddies, and not just any caddies. In June, Phil Mickelson split with longtime bagman Jim “Bones” Mackay. Both player and caddie cited the need for “change,” but the move reverberated throughout the game.

“The fairytale is over,” mused one caddie when told of the high-profile split.

In the wake of the Lefty/Bones break, Rory McIlroy split with his caddie J.P Fitzgerald, and Jason Day replaced looper/swing coach Colin Swatton on his bag. It all proves yet again that there are only two kinds of caddies, those who have been fired and those who are about to be fired.

Run for the Rose Cup. Sergio Garcia got the green jacket, a lifetime exemption to the game’s most coveted member-member and a long-awaited major, but Justin Rose took home the slightly less prestigious “Rose Cup.”

Following a frenzied afternoon at Augusta National in April, Rose lost to Garcia on the first playoff hole, but he won so much more with his honesty and class.

“You're going to win majors and you're going to lose majors, but you've got to be willing to lose them,” Rose figured following the final round. “You've got to put yourself out there. You've got to hit the top of the leaderboard. There's a lot of pressure out there and if you're not willing to enjoy it, then you're not ready to win these tournaments. I loved it out there.”

Few have made losing look so dignified and fewer still are as easy to root for.

Half-Empty Cup. It was the perfect setting, with sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline and the promise of the Tristate masses descending on this fall’s Presidents Cup.

If only all those rowdy New Yorkers had something to cheer.

For the sixth time in the last seven matches, the U.S. team rolled to a victory of at least three points. This particular edition was even in danger of ending on Saturday afternoon thanks to a particularly dominant performance by a young American squad led by Steve Stricker.

Officials spoke of the purity of the competition and the attention the ’17 cup generated, but however you spin the 19-11 rout, this cup is half empty.

Enigma Award. The actual hardware is simply an oversized question mark and was sent directly to Tiger Woods’ South Florida compound following the most curious of seasons.

While it’s become customary in recent years to consider the uncertain path that awaits the 14-time major winner, this most recent calendar brought an entirely new collection of questions following fusion surgery on his lower back in April, his arrest for DUI on Memorial Day and, finally, a glimmer of hope born from his tie for ninth at the Hero World Challenge earlier this month.

When will he play again? Can he compete against the current generation of world-beaters? Can his body withstand the rigors of a full PGA Tour schedule? Should Jim Furyk make him a captain’s pick now or wait to see if he should be driving a vice captain’s golf cart instead?

Little is certain when it comes to Woods, and the over-sized question mark goes to ... the guy in red and black.

After Further Review Chalice. In April, Lexi Thompson endured a heartbreaking loss at the ANA Inspiration, the byproduct of a surreal ruling that arrived a day late via a viewer e-mail and cost the would-be winner a major championship.

The entire event was so unsavory that the USGA and R&A made not one but two alterations to the rules and created a “working group” to avoid similar snafus in the future.

That working group – it turns out the U.S. Ryder Cup team has some sort of copyright on “task force” – initially issued a decision that introduced a “reasonable judgment” and a “naked eye” standard to video reviews, and last week the rule makers kept the changes coming.

The new protocols on video review will now include an official to monitor tournament broadcasts and ended the practice of allowing fans to call in, or in this case e-mail, possible infractions to officials. The USGA and R&A also eliminated the two-stroke penalty for players who sign incorrect scorecards when the player is unaware of the penalty.

While all this might be a step in the right direction, it does nothing to change Thompson’s fate. The AFR Chalice won’t change the harsh reality, but at least it will serve as a reminder of how she helped altered the rulemaking landscape.

Nothing Runs Like a Deere Award. Nothing gets fans fired up like officials turning fields of fescue rough into hay on the eve of a major championship, and the USGA’s decision to do some 11th-hour trimming at Erin Hills in June certainly caught many by surprise.

Officials said the nip/tuck on four holes was in reaction to a particularly foreboding forecast that never materialized, and the maintenance drew the ire of some players.

“We have 60 yards from left line to right line,” Rory McIlroy said. “You’ve got 156 of the best players in the world here; if we can’t hit it within that avenue, you might as well pack your bags and go home.”

The record low scoring at the U.S. Open – winner Brooks Koepka finished with a 16-under total – didn’t help ease the fervor and had some questioning whether the softer side of the USGA has gone a bit too far?

Getty Images

Podcast: Daly takes big pride in 'Little John'

By Golf Channel DigitalDecember 14, 2017, 5:28 pm

John Daly is a two-time major champion, but the newest trophy in his household belongs to someone else.

That’s because Daly’s son, 14-year-old Little John “LJ” Daly, rallied to capture an IJGT junior golf event over the weekend. The younger Daly birdied the first extra hole to win a five-person playoff at Harbour Town Golf Links, site of the PGA Tour’s RBC Heritage.

Daly recently sat down for a Golf Channel podcast to describe what it’s like to cheer for his son and PNC Father-Son Challenge partner, share the unique challenge presented by the upcoming Diamond Resorts Invitational and reflect on some of the notable highs of a career that has now spanned more than 25 years.

Sneds starts slowly in Masters invite bid

By Will GrayDecember 14, 2017, 4:22 pm

Brandt Snedeker flew halfway around the world in search of a Masters invite, but after one round of the Indonesian Masters it appears he'll likely return home empty-handed.

Snedeker made only two birdies during his opening round in Indonesia, shooting an even-par 72 that left him in a tie for 77th and 10 shots behind leader Justin Rose. This is the final OWGR-rated event of 2017, and as a result it has drawn several notable entrants, including Snedeker, who hope to crack the top 50 in the world rankings by year's end to secure a trip to Augusta National.

Full-field scores from the Indonesian Masters

Snedeker started the year ranked No. 28, but after missing five months because of injury he entered the week ranked No. 51 and is projected to slip even further by the end of the month. As a result, he likely needs a top-3 finish in order to secure a return to the Masters, which he has missed only once since 2007.

World No. 55 Dylan Frittelli also struggled, shooting a 4-over 76 in the opening round, while No. 56 Kiradech Aphibarnrat is tied for 14th at 4 under. Yusaku Miyazato, currently 58th in the world, is tied for ninth and five shots behind Rose.

Should Snedeker and the other hopefuls fail to crack the top 50 by the end of the year, two paths to the Masters remain: win a full-point event on the PGA Tour in early 2018 or be inside the top 50 in the world rankings when the final cutoff is made on March 25.