Amateur Kim Rolling at Q-School Prange 50th

By Sports NetworkDecember 2, 2006, 5:00 pm
Ladies Professional Golf AssociationDAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Eighteen-year-old amateur In-Kyung Kim fired a 6-under 66 on Saturday to fly into the lead after four rounds of the LPGA Tour Final Qualifying Tournament. She finished 72 holes at 14-under-par 274 and is six in front with one round to play.
Hye Jung Choi posted a 4-under 68 and is alone in second place at minus-8.
Angela Park, also 18 years of age, shared the overnight lead with Kim, but struggled on Saturday. She shot a 2-over 74 and is tied for third place with Carrie Wood (67), Katherine Hull (69), Maru Martinez (70) and Paige MacKenzie (72). The group is knotted at 6-under-par 282.
After Saturday's fourth round, there was a cut knocking the original field of 137 down to 75. Following the completion of Sunday's final round, the top 15 will earn exempt status for the 2007 LPGA Tour, while the next 35 and ties will earn non-exempt status. If there are ties for the 15 exempt cards, there will be a three-hole playoff, where scores are cumulative. If it is not settled after that, the format will be sudden-death.
The golfers rotated over both the Legends and Champions Courses at LPGA International, although during Sunday's final round, all play will be at the Legends Course.
Kim played the Champions Course on Saturday and wasted little time in breaking into red figures. She birdied the first hole, then went on a run with birdies at five, seven and eight.
Kim continued her strong play on the back nine with a birdie at the 10th, but found unlikely trouble at the par-5 13th. She three-putted for a bogey from 15 feet, but reclaimed the lost stroke with a birdie at 14.
The amateur collected her final birdie at the 15th and now seems well on her way to medalist honors.
'I focused on every shot, hole by hole, and not think about the cut and try to do my best,' said Kim, who hit all 18 greens in regulation on Saturday. 'I just played my game.'
Kim already has a spot to play next year, but is trying for more. In November, she won the Duramed Futures Tour qualifying tournament, but elected to stay as an amateur through this week.
'I want my first professional tournament to be an LPGA tournament, said Kim.
Kimberly Hall (72) and Clarissa Childs (73) share eighth place at 4-under-par 284.
Irene Cho (73) and Ashley Hoagland (75) are knotted in 10th place at minus- 3.
The 72-hole cut came at 7-over-par 295 and the two most prominent names to miss the mark were former European Solheim Cupper Paula Marti (8-over-par 296) and former Rookie of the Year, Beth Bauer (11-over-par 299).
LPGA Tour Q-School Scores
Second Round

In Kyung Kim (a) -14 (67-73-68-66=274)    F  
Hye Jung Choi -8 (67-70-75-68=280) F
Paige MacKenzie -6 (68-74-68-72=282) F
Maru Martinez -6 (70-69-73-70=282) F
Angela Park -6 (70-67-71-74=282) F
Carri Wood -6 (72-70-73-67=282) F
Katherine Hull -6 (71-70-72-69=282) F
Clarissa Childs -4 (70-68-73-73=284) F
Kim Hall -4 (70-69-73-72=284) F
Irene Cho -3 (68-72-72-73=285) F
Ashley Hoagland -3 (70-69-71-75=285) F
Ji-Young Oh (a) -2 (73-70-75-68=286) F
Linda Wessberg -2 (72-72-71-71=286) F
Erica Blasberg -2 (68-75-71-72=286) F
Cathy Johnston-Forbes -1 (73-71-71-72=287) F
Jin Young Pak E (72-69-76-71=288) F
Meredith Duncan E (70-74-72-72=288) F
Sarah L. Johnston E (72-73-72-71=288) F
Lee-Anne Pace +1 (70-76-71-72=289) F
Jane Park +1 (71-73-75-70=289) F
Maggie Will +1 (72-74-74-69=289) F
Aram Cho +1 (71-71-73-74=289) F
Jeanne Cho +1 (71-72-72-74=289) F
Angela Jerman +1 (70-73-76-70=289) F
Smriti Mehra +2 (73-72-70-75=290) F
Na On Min +2 (71-71-77-71=290) F
Beth Allen +2 (73-71-74-72=290) F
Cecilia Ekelundh +2 (72-75-69-74=290) F
Diane Irvin +2 (71-71-75-73=290) F
Adrienne Millican (a) +3 (70-72-72-77=291) F
Cindy Pasechnik +3 (76-70-75-70=291) F
Natalie Tucker +3 (72-68-77-74=291) F
Kim Brozer +3 (74-72-73-72=291) F
Kelly Cap +3 (73-73-72-73=291) F
Jenna Daniels +3 (71-74-74-72=291) F
Danielle Downey +3 (72-68-77-74=291) F
Lisa Ferrero +3 (69-77-71-74=291) F
Jennifer Gleason +3 (71-72-72-76=291) F
Hana Kim +3 (74-73-72-72=291) F
Seo-Jae Lee +3 (73-75-69-74=291) F
Teresa Lu +4 (69-76-78-69=292) F
Hyun Hee Moon +4 (70-77-75-70=292) F
Mollie Fankhauser +4 (72-76-73-71=292) F
Allison Fouch +4 (72-73-73-74=292) F
Sophie Giquel +4 (73-74-75-70=292) F
Sarah Huarte +4 (73-76-75-68=292) F
Hae Jung Kim +4 (72-75-75-70=292) F
Su A Kim +4 (73-73-72-74=292) F
Yeon Joo Lee +4 (72-74-72-74=292) F
Becky Lucidi +5 (77-77-67-72=293) F
Ashley Prange +5 (69-76-73-75=293) F
Kristen Samp +5 (73-71-74-75=293) F
Charlotta Sorenstam +5 (76-70-74-73=293) F
Louise Stahle +5 (71-78-75-69=293) F
Celeste Troche +5 (72-74-73-74=293) F
Kristina Tucker +5 (73-76-71-73=293) F
Brooke Tull +5 (76-73-73-71=293) F
Meredith Ward +5 (72-77-72-72=293) F
LeAnna Wicks +5 (74-75-75-69=293) F
Lisa Fernandes +5 (72-71-81-69=293) F
Sophia Sheridan +6 (73-71-74-76=294) F
Naree Song +6 (74-78-72-70=294) F
Annie Young +6 (74-70-77-73=294) F
Isabelle Beisiegel +6 (75-74-75-70=294) F
Ashli Bunch +6 (75-74-71-74=294) F
Courtney Erdman +6 (75-75-71-73=294) F
Jimin Jeong +6 (76-73-73-72=294) F
Nicole Jeray +6 (72-73-73-76=294) F
Eun Hee Ji +6 (72-72-74-76=294) F
Tina Miller +7 (73-74-71-77=295) F
Joanne Mills +7 (74-73-74-74=295) F
Stephanie Louden +7 (73-76-74-72=295) F
Ha-Na Chae +7 (76-74-74-71=295) F
Rebecca Coakley +7 (71-76-72-76=295) F
Carolina Llano (a) +7 (75-74-72-74=295) F
Diana Ramage DQ (73-77-81) -

Failed to qualify
Marilyn Lovander +8 (75-70-78-73=296) F
Paula Marti +8 (75-73-76-72=296) F
Salimah Mussani +8 (73-74-75-74=296) F
Jean Bartholomew +8 (74-77-72-73=296) F
Adrienne Gautreaux +8 (74-77-72-73=296) F
Nancy Harvey +8 (73-70-76-77=296) F
Samantha Head +8 (74-73-74-75=296) F
Brandi Jackson +8 (76-80-71-69=296) F
Vikki Laing +8 (78-75-75-68=296) F
Hwanhee Lee +8 (72-75-78-71=296) F
Sasha Medina +9 (72-71-76-78=297) F
Michelle Simpson +9 (74-79-72-72=297) F
Caroline Blaylock +9 (77-76-74-70=297) F
Kelly Cavanaugh +9 (74-75-73-75=297) F
Angie Hill +9 (77-71-75-74=297) F
Kathryn Imrie +9 (74-74-74-75=297) F
Nicole Keller +9 (73-71-77-76=297) F
Kelly Lagedrost +9 (71-68-82-76=297) F
Minny Yeo +10 (74-76-77-71=298) F
Emily Bastel +10 (77-74-75-72=298) F
Audra Burks +10 (74-74-80-70=298) F
Elizabeth Janangelo +10 (74-72-76-76=298) F
Lisa Meldrum +11 (74-76-76-73=299) F
Gwladys Nocera +11 (80-71-77-71=299) F
D'Rae Ward +11 (78-75-76-70=299) F
Beth Bauer +11 (74-77-75-73=299) F
Annette DeLuca +11 (76-73-77-73=299) F
Sarah Jane Kenyon +11 (74-78-70-77=299) F
Sarah Martin +12 (73-74-81-72=300) F
Marianne Morris +12 (75-76-74-75=300) F
Nontaya Srisawang +12 (74-78-77-71=300) F
Kim Welch +12 (71-77-74-78=300) F
Jo Clingan +12 (74-77-74-75=300) F
Kitty Hwang +12 (75-75-76-74=300) F
Linda Ishii +12 (72-79-74-75=300) F
Na Ri Lee +12 (69-79-78-74=300) F
Kris Lindstrom +12 (75-76-74-75=300) F
Jessica Reese-Quayle +13 (77-73-80-71=301) F
Krista Bartlett +14 (78-79-69-76=302) F
Tara Bateman +14 (72-79-76-75=302) F
Katie Bakken +15 (75-74-77-77=303) F
Anna Rawson +16 (70-81-76-77=304) F
May Wood +16 (73-80-74-77=304) F
Angela Buzminski +16 (74-80-74-76=304) F
Kate Golden +16 (77-78-76-73=304) F
Bernadette Luse +17 (71-80-79-75=305) F
Violeta Retamoza (a) +17 (72-72-78-83=305) F
Libby Smith +17 (92-73-71-69=305) F
Ashley Gomes +17 (78-76-76-75=305) F
Jana Peterkova +18 (73-76-82-75=306) F
Julie Tvede +18 (75-78-78-75=306) F
Caryn Wilson +18 (75-77-77-77=306) F
Kristin Tamulis +19 (74-80-77-76=307) F
Kimberley Augusta +20 (72-85-72-79=308) F
Minea Blomqvist +20 (69-82-79-78=308) F
Jackie Beers +21 (79-72-81-77=309) F
Kuan-Pei Chen +21 (77-79-74-79=309) F
Amanda McCurdy +22 (76-78-78-78=310) F
Shayna Miyajima +23 (76-74-80-81=311) F
Janell Howland +23 (77-75-83-76=311) F
Taya Battistella +25 (77-80-78-78=313) F

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    Not since Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus crossed paths at the 1960 U.S. Open has there been so many superstars all poised for big seasons, with world No. 1 Dustin Johnson having already won this year and Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas both coming off stellar seasons.

    It’s a good time for golf. - Rex Hoggard

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    His title defense in Abu Dhabi – on the strength of a back-nine 30 in windy conditions – was his third title in the past 12 months and 11th top-10 overall. A few of those have come in majors and World Golf Championship events, too, which led the reigning Race to Dubai champion to accept PGA Tour membership for this season.

    Beginning at Riviera, he plans to play exclusively in the States through May, then reassess for the rest of the year. Hope he sticks, because he’s a fun personality with tons of game. - Ryan Lavner

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    Rahm passes Spieth to become world No. 2

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    With his win Sunday at the CareerBuilder Challenge, Jon Rahm picked up his second PGA Tour victory and moved to No. 2 in the FedExCup points standings.

    He picked up one more No. 2, too.

    The 23-year-old Spaniard passed Jordan Spieth to move to No. 2 in the Official World Golf Ranking, behind only Dustin Johnson.

    In 19 months, since June 2016, Rahm has rocketed from No. 776 in the world to No. 2, thanks in part to his low divisor, his number of events played.

    Asked after his playoff victory over Andrew Landry to discuss his rapid ascent up the world rankings, Rahm was almost at a loss.

    “It's hard to believe to be honest, passing Jordan Spieth,” he said. “That's a three-time major champion. I only have two wins. He's got 10-plus, right? It's again – I've said it many times – I never thought I was going to be at this point in my life right now.”

    Rahm may only have two PGA Tour titles, but this is his fourth worldwide win in the last year, dating back to last season’s Farmers Insurance Open. He also took the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open and the DP World Tour Championship on his way to claiming the European Tour’s 2017 Rookie of the Year Award.

    Dating back to the start of last season on the PGA Tour, Rahm has racked up 12 top-10s, three runner-ups, and two wins.

    He will head to Torrey Pines next week ready to defend for the first time.

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    Fresh off leading the New England Patriots to a AFC Championship victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, Brady was asked about winning the game despite a cut on his throwing hand - which made national news heading into the matchup.

    His response invoked the name of a certain 14-time major winner, something that would be tough to pull off, if not for the fact that he is, you know, Tom Brady.

    “I think it's kind of arrogant to say it bothered me when we had a pretty good game, so I wouldn't say that," the 40-year-old told reporters after the game. "It's like when Tiger Woods said, ‘That was my C game’ and he won the tournament."

    Tiger Woods winning with his "C game" may be a distant memory for golf fans, but no matter what game he brings, his next chance to win comes next week at Torrey Pines during his official comeback to the PGA Tour.

    Brady has a shot at his sixth Super Bowl title in two weeks. The Patriots would probably benefit from him bringing a little better than his "C game" as well.

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    Rahm beats Landry in playoff to win CareerBuilder

    By Nick MentaJanuary 22, 2018, 1:00 am

    Jon Rahm birdied the fourth extra hole Sunday to defeat Andrew Landry in a playoff, win the CareerBuilder Challenge and move to No. 2 in the Official World Golf Ranking. Here’s how things played out in overtime at PGA West:

    Leaderboard: Rahm (-22), Landry (-22), John Huh (-20), Adam Hadwin (-20), Martin Piller (-20), Kevin Chappell (-19), Scott Piercy (-19)

    What it means: This is Rahm’s second PGA Tour win and his fourth worldwide victory in the last year, dating back to last season’s Farmers Insurance Open. Rahm took the early lead Thursday with an opening 62 and after rounds of 67-70, he started the final round two back. On Sunday, he made five birdies without dropping a single shot on the intimidating Stadium Course. In the clubhouse at 22 under, Rahm watched as Landry made birdie on 18 to force a playoff.

    Rahm missed birdie putts that would have ended the tournament on the final hole of regulation and on each playoff hole. Finally, on his fourth trip down 18 of the day, his birdie bid found the cup. With the victory, Rahm passes Jordan Spieth to move to No. 2 in the Official World Golf Ranking, trailing only Dustin Johnson. He enters next week at Torrey Pines looking to defend for the first time.

    Best of the rest: A two-time winner playing his second full season on the PGA Tour, Landry shot 68 Sunday, making birdie on the 72nd hole to force extras. Once Rahm finally made birdie on the fourth playoff hole, Landry's putt to extend slid by on the right edge. This is Landry's best career finish on the PGA Tour. Had he won, he would have secured full Tour status through the 2019-20 season and earned invites to the Masters, Players, and PGA Championships.

    Round of the day: Sam Saunders fired an 8-under 64 to register this best finish of the season, a tie for eighth at 18 under. The reigning Tour Championship winner was 9 under par through 12 holes before making bogey at 13 and parring his way into the clubhouse.

    Biggest disappointment: Overnight leader Austin Cook was eyeing his second win of the season but never contended. The RSM champion carded two double bogeys Sunday en route to a 3-over 75, dropping him from the 54-hole lead to a tie for 14th.

    Shot of the day: Rahm's putt to win:

    Quote of the day: "One of us had to do it and either one of us would have been a well-deserving champion." - Rahm on his playoff victory over Landry