Park Kim Share Q-School Lead Prange 30th

By Sports NetworkDecember 1, 2006, 5:00 pm
Ladies Professional Golf AssociationDAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- One is an amateur, one is a professional. Both are 18 years old.
Both hold an enviable position.
In-Kyung Kim, an amateur, and Angela Park, a professional, share the lead at 8-under-par 208 after three rounds of the LPGA Tour's Final Qualifying School.
Kim rebounded from an over-par second round by shooting a 4-under 68 on Friday, reclaiming the share of the lead she held after the first round on Wednesday.
She played her third round at LPGA International's Champions Course after shooting a 73 at the Legends Course on Thursday. Her 64 was the best score on either course.
'Yesterday, I had bad shots,' said Kim, the best amateur by six strokes. 'I played better today. I just am more focused on Legends course. It's more tight and the greens are smaller.'
Park, who also shared the second-round lead, played the Champions Course and shot a 1-under 71 despite making three bogeys during a five-hole stretch on the back nine.
She was bothered by the wind, but maintained she was just out to have fun.
'You can't be all about business because then you'll be too caught up and it will be too stressful,' said Park, who will play the Legends Course on Saturday.
'Tomorrow is one of the courses I like more. I can visualize my shots better. I see it and I believe it more. I'm more comfortable on that course.'
The first cut will be made following the third round, when a field of 137 will be trimmed to the top 70 players and ties. After Sunday's fifth and final round, the top 15 will receive full status and the next 35 conditional status for 2007 on the LPGA Tour.
Paige MacKenzie had a 68 and shares third place with Ashley Hoagland (71) at 6-under 210. Clarissa Childs is one shot further following a 73.
Hye Jung Choi, who shared the second-round lead with Park, stumbled to a 75 and fell into a tie for sixth place at 4-under 212. She was joined by Irene Cho (72), Maru Martinez (73) and Kimberly Hall (73).
Katherine Hull (72) was 10th at 3-under 213. Erica Blasberg (71) and amateur Adrienne Millican (72) shared 11th place at 214.
Further down, Ashley Prange, best known for competing on The Golf Channel's 'Big Break' show, had 73 and was tied for 30th place with 11 other players at 2 over.
LPGA Tour Q-School Scores
Second Round

In Kyung Kim (a) -8 (67-73-68=208)    F  
Angela Park -8 (70-67-71=208) F
Ashley Hoagland -6 (70-69-71=210) F
Paige MacKenzie -6 (68-74-68=210) F
Clarissa Childs -5 (70-68-73=211) F
Irene Cho -4 (68-72-72=212) F
Hye Jung Choi -4 (67-70-75=212) F
Kim Hall -4 (70-69-73=212) F
Maru Martinez -4 (70-69-73=212) F
Katherine Hull -3 (71-70-72=213) F
Erica Blasberg -2 (68-75-71=214) F
Adrienne Millican (a) -2 (70-72-72=214) F
Aram Cho -1 (71-71-73=215) F
Jeanne Cho -1 (71-72-72=215) F
Jennifer Gleason -1 (71-72-72=215) F
Cathy Johnston-Forbes -1 (73-71-71=215) F
Smriti Mehra -1 (73-72-70=215) F
Linda Wessberg -1 (72-72-71=215) F
Carri Wood -1 (72-70-73=215) F
Meredith Duncan E (70-74-72=216) F
Cecilia Ekelundh E (72-75-69=216) F
Danielle Downey +1 (72-68-77=217) F
Lisa Ferrero +1 (69-77-71=217) F
Diane Irvin +1 (71-71-75=217) F
Sarah L. Johnston +1 (72-73-72=217) F
Seo-Jae Lee +1 (73-75-69=217) F
Lee-Anne Pace +1 (70-76-71=217) F
Jin Young Pak +1 (72-69-76=217) F
Natalie Tucker +1 (72-68-77=217) F
Beth Allen +2 (73-71-74=218) F
Kelly Cap +2 (73-73-72=218) F
Allison Fouch +2 (72-73-73=218) F
Nicole Jeray +2 (72-73-73=218) F
Eun Hee Ji +2 (72-72-74=218) F
Su A Kim +2 (73-73-72=218) F
Yeon Joo Lee +2 (72-74-72=218) F
Tina Miller +2 (73-74-71=218) F
Ji-Young Oh (a) +2 (73-70-75=218) F
Ashley Prange +2 (69-76-73=218) F
Kristen Samp +2 (73-71-74=218) F
Sophia Sheridan +2 (73-71-74=218) F
Kim Brozer +3 (74-72-73=219) F
Rebecca Coakley +3 (71-76-72=219) F
Jenna Daniels +3 (71-74-74=219) F
Nancy Harvey +3 (73-70-76=219) F
Angela Jerman +3 (70-73-76=219) F
Hana Kim +3 (74-73-72=219) F
Sasha Medina +3 (72-71-76=219) F
Na On Min +3 (71-71-77=219) F
Jane Park +3 (71-73-75=219) F
Celeste Troche +3 (72-74-73=219) F
Kristina Tucker +4 (73-76-71=220) F
Ashli Bunch +4 (75-74-71=220) F
Charlotta Sorenstam +4 (76-70-74=220) F
Maggie Will +4 (72-74-74=220) F
Courtney Erdman +5 (75-75-71=221) F
Mollie Fankhauser +5 (72-76-73=221) F
Samantha Head +5 (74-73-74=221) F
Nicole Keller +5 (73-71-77=221) F
Kelly Lagedrost +5 (71-68-82=221) F
Carolina Llano (a) +5 (75-74-72=221) F
Becky Lucidi +5 (77-77-67=221) F
Joanne Mills +5 (74-73-74=221) F
Cindy Pasechnik +5 (76-70-75=221) F
Meredith Ward +5 (72-77-72=221) F
Annie Young +5 (74-70-77=221) F
Kelly Cavanaugh +6 (74-75-73=222) F
Sophie Giquel +6 (73-74-75=222) F
Kathryn Imrie +6 (74-74-74=222) F
Elizabeth Janangelo +6 (74-72-76=222) F
Jimin Jeong +6 (76-73-73=222) F
Sarah Jane Kenyon +6 (74-78-70=222) F
Hae Jung Kim +6 (72-75-75=222) F
Hyun Hee Moon +6 (70-77-75=222) F
Salimah Mussani +6 (73-74-75=222) F
Violeta Retamoza (a) +6 (72-72-78=222) F
Brooke Tull +6 (76-73-73=222) F
Kim Welch +6 (71-77-74=222) F
Jean Bartholomew +7 (74-77-72=223) F
Adrienne Gautreaux +7 (74-77-72=223) F
Angie Hill +7 (77-71-75=223) F
Stephanie Louden +7 (73-76-74=223) F
Marilyn Lovander +7 (75-70-78=223) F
Teresa Lu +7 (69-76-78=223) F
Isabelle Beisiegel +8 (75-74-75=224) F
Ha-Na Chae +8 (76-74-74=224) F
Lisa Fernandes +8 (72-71-81=224) F
Sarah Huarte +8 (73-76-75=224) F
Paula Marti +8 (75-73-76=224) F
Naree Song +8 (74-78-72=224) F
Louise Stahle +8 (71-78-75=224) F
LeAnna Wicks +8 (74-75-75=224) F
Jo Clingan +9 (74-77-74=225) F
Linda Ishii +9 (72-79-74=225) F
Hwanhee Lee +9 (72-75-78=225) F
Kris Lindstrom +9 (75-76-74=225) F
Marianne Morris +9 (75-76-74=225) F
Michelle Simpson +9 (74-79-72=225) F
Katie Bakken +10 (75-74-77=226) F
Krista Bartlett +10 (78-79-69=226) F
Emily Bastel +10 (77-74-75=226) F
Beth Bauer +10 (74-77-75=226) F
Annette DeLuca +10 (76-73-77=226) F
Kitty Hwang +10 (75-75-76=226) F
Na Ri Lee +10 (69-79-78=226) F
Lisa Meldrum +10 (74-76-76=226) F
Tara Bateman +11 (72-79-76=227) F
Caroline Blaylock +11 (77-76-74=227) F
Brandi Jackson +11 (76-80-71=227) F
Anna Rawson +11 (70-81-76=227) F
May Wood +11 (73-80-74=227) F
Minny Yeo +11 (74-76-77=227) F
Audra Burks +12 (74-74-80=228) F
Angela Buzminski +12 (74-80-74=228) F
Vikki Laing +12 (78-75-75=228) F
Sarah Martin +12 (73-74-81=228) F
Gwladys Nocera +12 (80-71-77=228) F
Kimberley Augusta +13 (72-85-72=229) F
Nontaya Srisawang +13 (74-78-77=229) F
D'Rae Ward +13 (78-75-76=229) F
Caryn Wilson +13 (75-77-77=229) F
Ashley Gomes +14 (78-76-76=230) F
Minea Blomqvist +14 (69-82-79=230) F
Kuan-Pei Chen +14 (77-79-74=230) F
Bernadette Luse +14 (71-80-79=230) F
Shayna Miyajima +14 (76-74-80=230) F
Jessica Reese-Quayle +14 (77-73-80=230) F
Kate Golden +15 (77-78-76=231) F
Jana Peterkova +15 (73-76-82=231) F
Diana Ramage +15 (73-77-81=231) F
Kristin Tamulis +15 (74-80-77=231) F
Julie Tvede +15 (75-78-78=231) F
Jackie Beers +16 (79-72-81=232) F
Amanda McCurdy +16 (76-78-78=232) F
Taya Battistella +19 (77-80-78=235) F
Janell Howland +19 (77-75-83=235) F
Libby Smith +20 (92-73-71=236) F

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    Lexi Thompson’s pain may prove to be the rest of golf’s gain.

    David Rickman, the R&A’s executive director of governance, acknowledged on Golf Channel’s "Morning Drive" Monday that the new protocols that will eliminate the use of TV viewer call-ins and emails to apply penalties was hastened by the controversy following Thompson’s four-shot penalty at the ANA Inspiration in early April. The new protocols also set up rules officials to monitor TV broadcasts beginning next year.

    “Clearly, that case has been something of a focus point for us,” Rickman said.

    Thompson reacted to the new protocols in an Instagram post.

    “I applaud the USGA and the R&A for their willingness to revise the Rules of Golf to address certain unfortunate situations that have arisen several times in the game of golf,” Thompson wrote. “In my case, I am thankful no one else will have to deal with an outcome such as mine in the future.”

    Thompson was penalized two shots for improperly returning her ball to its mark on a green during Saturday’s round after a viewer emailed LPGA officials during Sunday’s broadcast. She was penalized two more shots for signing an incorrect scorecard for her Saturday round. Thompson ultimately lost in a playoff to So Yeon Ryu.

    The new protocols will also eliminate the additional two-shot penalty a player receives for failing to include a penalty when a player was unaware of the penalty.

    Shortly after the ANA Inspiration, the USGA and R&A led the formation of a video review working group, which included the PGA Tour, LPGA, European Tour, Ladies European Tour and PGA of America.

    Also, just three weeks after Thompson was hit with the four-shot penalty, the USGA and R&A released a new Rules of Golf decision decision (34-3/10) limiting video evidence in two ways:

    1. If an infraction can’t be seen with the naked eye, there’s no penalty, even if video shows otherwise.

    2. If a tournament committee determines that a player does “all that can be reasonably expected to make an accurate estimation or measurement” in determining a line or position to play from or to spot a ball, then there will be no penalty even if video replay later shows that to be wrong.

    While the USGA and R&A said the new decision wasn’t based on Thompson’s ANA incident, LPGA players immediately began calling it the “Lexi Rule.”

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    PGA Tour:

    The PGA Tour has worked closely with the USGA and R&A on this issue in recent years, and today's announcement is another positive step to ensure the Rules of Golf align with how the game is presented and viewed globally. The PGA Tour will adopt the new Local Rule beginning January 1, 2018 and evolve our protocols for reviewing video evidence as outlined.


    We are encouraged by the willingness of the governing bodies to fully vet the issues and implement real change at a pace much quicker than the sport has seen previously. These new adaptations, coupled with changes announced earlier this year, are true and meaningful advances for the game. The LPGA plans to adopt fully the protocols and new Local Rule as outlined.

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    Full-field scores from the Joburg Open

    Sharma finished at 23-under 264, three strokes ahead of the pack, and qualified for next year's British Open, too.

    ''I actually wasn't going to come here about a week ago ... so I'm really happy that I came,'' said Sharma, who shot 61 in the second round. ''I don't think I'm ever going forget my first time in South Africa.''

    Erik van Rooyen (66) was second, three strokes ahead of Shaun Norris (65) and Tapio Pulkkanen (68).

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