Trio Share Medalist Honors

By Sports NetworkOctober 24, 2003, 4:00 pm
Ladies Professional Golf AssociationDAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Isabelle Beisiegel and Catherine Cartwright each posted rounds of 5-under 67 Friday in the final round of LPGA Q-School to share medalist honors.
Iben Tinning carded a 3-under 69 to finish alongside Beisiegel and Cartwright, a former U.S. PubLinks champion, at 8-under-par 280.
Those three ladies lead a group of 28 women who earned their fully exempt playing status for the 2004 LPGA Tour season.
Tinning, who earned 1 1/2 points for the victorious 2003 European Solheim Cup squad, earned $14,330 in two events on the LPGA Tour in 2003. She made the cut in both events in which she played.
Laurie Rinker stumbled to a 2-over 74 Friday, but came in fourth at 7-under-par 281. Aree Song, who petitioned LPGA commissioner Ty Votaw for the right to enter Q-school, finished in a tie for fifth at 6-under-par 282.
Song was joined at minus-6 by Meredith Duncan, Clarissa Childs, Chiharu Yamaguchi, Maggie Will and Diana D'Alessio.
Some other big names earning fully-exempt status for next season were Ashley Winn, Nadina Taylor, Karen Pearce, Lee Ann Walker-Cooper and Siew-Ai Lim.
Lim and Cooper survived a playoff at 3-under-par 285 along with Riko Higashio, Laura Myerscough, Carmen Hajjar, Pamela Kerrigan and Marlene Hedblom.
Hedlom earned her way in by winning a sudden-death playoff after the three-hole playoff settled six of the final seven spots.
Another 45 players earned or retained their non-exempt playing status for the 2004 season.

LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament, Oct. 21-24, 2003
Final results
PURSE: $50,000PAR: 36-36 YARDS: 6443
LPGA International-Legends Course, Daytona Beach, Fla.

1 Isabelle Beisiegel 68-74-71-67 280 -8 $5,250
1 Catherine Cartwright 69-70-74-67 280 -8 $5,250
1 Iben Tinning 68-71-72-69 280 -8 $5,250
4 Laurie Rinker 70-72-65-74 281 -7 $4,500
5 Meredith Duncan 73-75-69-65 282 -6 $3,335
5 Clarissa Childs 73-70-72-67 282 -6 $3,335
5 Chiharu Yamaguchi 70-72-69-71 282 -6 $3,335
5 Maggie Will 69-72-70-71 282 -6 $3,335
5 Jenna Daniels 67-72-71-72 282 -6 $3,335
5 Diana D'Alessio 66-70-74-72 282 -6 $3,335
5 Aree Song 71-69-69-73 282 -6 $3,335
12 Seol-An Jeon 72-72-71-68 283 -5 $1,280
12 Lisa Hall 70-74-71-68 283 -5 $1,280
12 Luciana Bemvenuti 73-71-70-69 283 -5 $1,280
12 Lisa DePaulo 72-72-69-70 283 -5 $1,280
12 Ashley Winn 69-73-70-71 283 -5 $1,280
17 Il Mi Chung 74-71-71-68 284 -4
17 Juli Hilton 71-72-72-69 284 -4
17 Nadina Taylor 72-70-71-71 284 -4
17 Brandi Jackson 73-71-66-74 284 -4
17 Karen Pearce 70-70-70-74 284 -4
22# Lee Ann Walker-Cooper 73-71-72-69 285 -3
22# Riko Higashio 73-68-74-70 285 -3
22# Laura Myerscough 71-73-70-71 285 -3
22# Carmen Hajjar 72-71-71-71 285 -3
22# Pamela Kerrigan 70-71-73-71 285 -3
22# Siew-Ai Lim 72-70-70-73 285 -3
22^ Marlene Hedblom 72-68-73-72 285 -3

++ Jenny Park-Choi
1 Mikaela Parmlid 67-74-71-73 285 -3
2 Nicole Jeray 76-75-67-68 286 -2
3 Kelly Lagedrost 71-68-74-73 286 -2
4 Annette DeLuca 74-70-74-69 287 -1
* Marcy Hart 74-69-75-69 287 -1
5 Allie Blomquist 75-70-72-70 287 -1
6 Russamee Gulyanamitta 72-73-72-70 287 -1
* Silvia Cavalleri 72-70-75-70 287 -1
7 Hyun Soon Park 75-68-72-72 287 -1
8 Cherie Byrnes 69-71-70-77 287 -1
9 Jinny Lee 70-75-73-70 288 E
10 Sunny Lee 73-70-72-73 288 E
11 Jessica Reese 71-71-72-74 288 E
12 Amy Hung 73-73-73-70 289 +1
13 Jimin Kang 71-75-73-70 289 +1
14 Jen Hanna 70-75-72-72 289 +1
15 Katherine Hull 72-71-74-72 289 +1
16 Carrie Roberts 76-68-72-73 289 +1
* Mardi Lunn 73-73-69-74 289 +1
* Jean-Marie Busuttil 70-70-75-74 289 +1
17 Angela Buzminski 74-72-74-70 290 +2
* Cathy Johnston-Forbes 73-75-71-71 290 +2
18 Diane Irvin 72-75-72-71 290 +2
19 Kristen Bloomer 74-71-74-71 290 +2
20 Celeste Troche 70-74-70-76 290 +2
21 Kris Lindstrom 76-73-71-71 291 +3
22 Stacy Snider 70-78-72-71 291 +3
23 Lindsey Wright 72-73-73-73 291 +3
24 Karen Davies 72-72-74-73 291 +3
25 Vikki Laing 75-72-70-74 291 +3
26 Michele Vinieratos 70-70-73-78 291 +3
27 Carri Wood 69-76-75-72 292 +4
* Patricia Baxter-Johnson 70-72-77-73 292 +4
++ Angie Rizzo
28 Krista Bartlett 75-71-73-74 293 +5
29 Leslie Spalding 76-68-75-74 293 +5
30 Susan Ginter-Brooker 73-74-67-79 293 +5
* Michelle Estill 74-73-73-74 294 +6
31 Kelly Cap 74-76-69-75 294 +6
32 Karine Icher 75-73-71-75 294 +6
33 Joellyn Erdmann-Crooks 71-76-71-76 294 +6
34 Michelle Bell 74-74-72-75 295 +7
35 Kim Augusta 76-71-72-77 296 +8
36 Smriti Mehra 70-75-74-77 296 +8
*Player already has non-exempt status
#Won exempt status in a three-hole playoff
^Won exempt status in a sudden-death playoff after the three-hole playoff
++2003 Medical extension
Heather Lee 74-72-74-78 298 +10
Connie Ross 73-75-72-80 300 +12
Namika Omata 75-76-70 221 CUT
Leigh Ann Mills 74-77-70 221 CUT
Kylie Pratt 75-74-72 221 CUT
Stefania Croce 73-76-72 221 CUT
Kristy McPherson 74-72-75 221 CUT
Emily Bastel 71-75-75 221 CUT
Katie Bakken 73-77-72 222 CUT
Penny Hammel 76-72-74 222 CUT
Marianne Morris 72-76-74 222 CUT
Susie Parry 71-77-74 222 CUT
Sarah Johnston 73-74-75 222 CUT
Hong Mei Yang 71-76-75 222 CUT
Nuria Clau 77-68-77 222 CUT
Dina Ammaccapane 73-71-78 222 CUT
Charlotta Sorenstam 75-78-70 223 CUT
J.Y. Cho 76-75-72 223 CUT
Dale Eggeling 75-75-73 223 CUT
Jeanne Cho 73-76-74 223 CUT
Danielle Amiee 76-72-75 223 CUT
Michelle Murphy 72-76-75 223 CUT
Kathryn Cusick 76-71-76 223 CUT
Lori Atsedes 75-72-76 223 CUT
Kimberly Freeman 76-74-74 224 CUT
Nicole Dalkas 74-76-74 224 CUT
Georgina Simpson 74-76-74 224 CUT
Liz Earley 74-73-77 224 CUT
Kellee Booth 72-75-77 224 CUT
Wendy Martin 78-73-74 225 CUT
Mitzi Edge 78-73-74 225 CUT
Michele Fuller 76-75-74 225 CUT
Caroline Goasguen 74-74-77 225 CUT
Mayumi Nakajima 76-71-78 225 CUT
Nicole Materne 74-83-69 226 CUT
Yvonne Cox 75-79-72 226 CUT
Minny Yeo 77-75-74 226 CUT
Angie Rizzo 71-80-75 226 CUT
Lisa P. Jensen 78-72-76 226 CUT
Jennifer Huber 73-77-76 226 CUT
Lisa Strom 75-72-79 226 CUT
Tamie Durdin 78-77-72 227 CUT
Lesley Henderson 75-77-75 227 CUT
Stephanie George 72-79-76 227 CUT
Shiho Katano 73-75-79 227 CUT
Nicole Perrot 79-77-72 228 CUT
Michelle Simpson 74-77-77 228 CUT
Kirsty Taylor 77-79-73 229 CUT
Donna Wilkins 75-76-78 229 CUT
Vicky Uwland 75-75-79 229 CUT
Alena Sharp 76-83-71 230 CUT
Becky Lucidi 80-76-74 230 CUT
Danielle Masters 75-77-78 230 CUT
Pam Wright 77-74-79 230 CUT
Collette Matthes 74-76-80 230 CUT
Hye Jung Choi 80-79-72 231 CUT
Misia Lemanski 79-83-72 234 CUT
Laura Baugh 80-76-79 235 CUT
Krissie Register 79-81-81 241 CUT
Mary Kay Marino 78-76 154 WD
Ara Koh 78-81 159 WD

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Rahm manages frustration, two back at CareerBuilder

By Randall MellJanuary 21, 2018, 1:21 am

Jon Rahm managed the winds and his frustrations Saturday at the CareerBuilder Challenge to give himself a chance to win his fourth worldwide title in the last year.

Rahm’s 2-under-par 70 on the PGA West Stadium Course left him two shots off the lead going into the final round.

“I wasn’t really dealing with the wind that much,” Rahm said of his frustrations. “I was dealing with not being as fluid as I was the last two days.”

Full-field scores from the Career Builder Challenge

CareerBuilder Challenge: Articles, photos and videos

The world’s No. 3 ranked player opened with a 62 at La Quinta Country Club on Thursday and followed it up with a 67 on Friday at PGA West. He made six birdies and four bogeys on the Stadium Course on Saturday.

“The first day, everything was outstanding,” Rahm said. “Yesterday, my driver was a little shaky but my irons shots were perfect. Today, my driver was shaky and my irons shots were shaky. On a course like this, it’s punishing, but luckily on the holes where I found the fairway I was able to make birdies.”

Rahm is projected to move to No. 2 in the world rankings with a finish of sixth or better on Sunday.

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Cook leads by one entering final round at CareerBuilder

By Associated PressJanuary 21, 2018, 12:51 am

LA QUINTA, Calif. – Austin Cook hit a hybrid into the fairway bunker on the par-4 18th on a breezy Saturday afternoon at La Quinta Country Club, then chunked a wedge and raced a chip 20 feet past the hole.

Kip Henley, the longtime PGA Tour caddie who guided Cook to a breakthrough victory at Sea Island in November, stepped in to give the 26-year-old former Arkansas star a quick pep talk.

''Kip said, 'Let's finish this like we did on the first day at the Nicklaus Course.' We made a big par putt on 18 there and he said, 'Let's just do the same thing. Let's get this line right and if you get the line right it's going in.'''

It did, giving Cook an 8-under 64 and a one-stroke lead in the CareerBuilder Challenge going into the final round on the Stadium Course at PGA West. Fellow former Razorback Andrew Landry and Martin Piller were tied for second, and Jon Rahm and Scott Piercy were a another stroke back after a tricky day in wind that didn't get close to the predicted gusts of 40 mph.

Full-field scores from the Career Builder Challenge

CareerBuilder Challenge: Articles, photos and videos

''I know that I wouldn't have wanted to play the Stadium today,'' Cook said. ''I think we got a great draw with the courses that we got to play on the days that we got to play them.''

Cook played the final six holes on the front nine in 6 under with an eagle and four birdies.

''Starting on my fourth hole, I was able to make a birdie and kind of get the ball rolling and it never really stopped rolling,'' Cook said. ''Kip and I were doing really good at seeing the line on the greens.''

After a bogey on 10, he birdied 11, 12 and 15 and parred the final three to get to 19-under 197.

''I think that tonight the nerves, the butterflies, all that will kind of be a little less,'' Cook said. ''I've been in the situation before and I was able to finish the job on Sunday. I think it would be a little different if I didn't play like I did on Sunday at Sea Island.''

He's making his first start in the event.

''I came in from Hawaii on Monday, so I only had two days to prepare for three courses,'' Cook said.

Landry, the second-round leader, had a 70 at the Stadium. Piller, the husband of LPGA tour player Gerina Piller, shot a 67 at La Quinta. Winless on the PGA Tour, they will join Cook in the final threesome.

''Piller's a good guy and we have played a lot together and same with Cookie,'' said Landry, the only player without a bogey after 54 holes. ''Hope the Hogs are going to come out on top.''

Rahm had a 70 at the Stadium to reach 17 under. The third-ranked Rahm beat up the par 5s again, but had four bogeys – three on par 3s. He has played the 12 par 5s in 13 under with an eagle and 11 birdies.

''A little bit of a survival day,'' Rahm said.

The wind was more of a factor on the more exposed and tighter Stadium Course.

''The course is firming up,'' Rahm said. ''I know if we have similar wind to today, if we shoot something under par, you'll be way up there contesting it over the last few holes.''

Piercy had a 66 at the Stadium.

''I controlled my ball really well today,'' he said.

Adam Hadwin had a 67 at La Quinta a year after shooting a third-round 59 on the course. The Canadian was 16 under along with Grayson Murray and Brandon Harkins. Murray had a 67 on the Nicklaus Course, and Harkins shot 68 at the Stadium.

Phil Mickelson missed the cut in his first tournament of the year for the second time in his career, shooting a 74 on the Stadium to finish at 4 under – four strokes from a Sunday tee time. The 47-year-old Hall of Famer was playing for the first time since late October. He also missed the cut in the Phoenix Open in his 2009 opener.

Charlie Reiter, the Palm Desert High School senior playing on the first sponsor exemption the event has given to an amateur, also missed the cut. He had three early straight double bogeys in a 77 on the Stadium that left him 1 over.

John Daly had an 80 at La Quinta. He opened with a triple bogey and had six bogeys – four in a row to start his second nine - and only one birdie. The 51-year-old Daly opened with a 69 on the Nicklaus layout and had a 71 on Friday at the Stadium.

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Phil misses CareerBuilder cut for first time in 24 years

By Randall MellJanuary 21, 2018, 12:48 am

Phil Mickelson missed the cut Saturday at the CareerBuilder Challenge. It’s a rare occurrence in his Hall of Fame career.

He has played the event 15 times, going back to when it was known as the Bob Hope Classic. He has won it twice.

How rare is his missing the cut there?

The last time he did so, there was no such thing as a DVD, Wi-Fi, iPods, Xbox, DVR capability or YouTube.

Full-field scores from the Career Builder Challenge

CareerBuilder Challenge: Articles, photos and videos

The PGA Tour’s Jon Rahm didn’t exist, either.

The last time Mickelson missed a cut in this event was 1994, nine months before Rahm was born.

Mickelson struggled to a 2-over-par 74 in the heavy winds Saturday on the PGA West Stadium Course, missing the 54-hole cut by four shots. He hit just four of 14 fairways, just nine of 18 greens. He took a double bogey at the 15th after requiring two shots to escape the steep-walled bunker on the left side of the green.

Mickelson won’t have to wait long to try to get back in the hunt. He’s scheduled to play the Farmers Insurance Open next week at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, Calif.

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Defending champ Gana co-leads Latin America Amateur

By Randall MellJanuary 20, 2018, 11:20 pm

Toto Gana moved into early position to try to win a return trip to the Masters Saturday by grabbing a share of the first-round lead at the Latin America Amateur Championship.

The defending champ posted a 3-under-par 68 at Prince of Wales Country Club in his native Chile, equaling the rounds of Argentina’s Mark Montenegro and Colombia’s Pablo Torres.

They are one shot ahead of Mexico’s Alvaro Ortiz and Mario Carmona, Argentina’s Horacio Carbonetti and Jaime Lopez Rivarola and the Dominican Republic’s Rhadames Pena.

It’s a bunched leaderboard, with 19 players within three shots of each at the top of the board in the 72-hole event.

“I think I have my game under control,” said Gana, 20, a freshman at Lynn University. “I hit the ball very well, and I also putted very well. So, I am confident about tomorrow.”

The LAAC’s champion will get more than a Masters invitation. He also will be exempt into the The Amateur, the U.S. Amateur and any other USGA event he is eligible to play this year. The champion and players who finish runner-up are also exempt into the final stages of qualifying for The Open and the U.S. Open.

The LAAC was founded by the Masters, the R&A and the USGA, with the purpose of further developing amateur golf in South America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.