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Australian Matt Jones didn't make it easy on himself, but in the end he made the shots and the putts that he had to and hung on to win his country's national Open. Read More
Jordan Spieth lost out on a bid to repeat as Aussie Open champion and lost his Australian Golf Club course record. Read More
As Matt Jones and Jordan Spieth failed to break par, Adam Scott charged from nine shots back to nearly win his second Australian Open. Read More

Today in Golf

Kohler Golf
Brad Brewer helps beginner golfers around the green.
Brad Brewer on grip pressure for specific shots.
Brad Brewer shares a drill for synchronization of arms to a good balance follow through.
Brad Brewer shares tips on how to stop struggling with your fairway woods.
Brad Brewer discusses the difference between risk versus gambling and course management.
Brad Brewer discusses hitting out of pinestraw
Badlands Golf Club is set against the majestic Red Rock Canyons and features three unique 9-hole layouts.
Father's Day St. Andrews
Brad Brewer distinguishes when the lie is appropriate for a flop shot.
Brad Brewer shows us the basic fundamentals of stance.
Brad Brewer gives juniors a drill for left arm connection and folding up through the strike.
Brad Brewer shares a drill to help build good rhythmic swinging motion.
Brad Brewer shares tips on hitting from an uphill lie.
Brad Brewer shares a tip his mentor Arnold Palmer taught him regarding grip.
Brad Brewer shares a drill using a headcover to improve ball striking.
Located on Oahu, the Kapolei Golf Course was recently renovated and offers one of the more advanced golf courses on the Islands.
Brad Brewer answers an email question from Eric on how to hit better long bunker shots.
Brad Brewer shares a drill to help avoid thin shots around the green.
Brad Brewer shares a tip Greg Norman gave him on long bunker shots