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Australian Matt Jones didn't make it easy on himself, but in the end he made the shots and the putts that he had to and hung on to win his country's national Open. Read More
Jordan Spieth lost out on a bid to repeat as Aussie Open champion and lost his Australian Golf Club course record. Read More
As Matt Jones and Jordan Spieth failed to break par, Adam Scott charged from nine shots back to nearly win his second Australian Open. Read More

Today in Golf

Brad Brewer gives advice to fix your alignment by simply pointing to a spot.
Brad Brewer uses a broom to help with your takeaway.
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Brad Brewer discusses thinking logically after hitting a bad shot.
Brad Brewer discusses hitting out of a fairway bunker.
Located atop Red Rock Canyon high above the Strip sits one of Las Vegas's true gems - The Arroyo Golf Club.
Brad Brewer answers Madeline's email question on how to get started learning and playing the game.
Ka'anapali Resorts welcome the girls of Big Break Ka'anapali.
Brad Brewers gives us a tip on the importance of speed control when putting.
Brad Brewer helps junior golfers get out of a bunker
Brad Brewer gives a tip on preshot routine.
Brad Brewer gives beginner golfers a drill for hip turn.
Brad Brewer shares tips on getting good rhythm and balance with your wedges, irons, and driver.