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Three PGA Tour journeymen made a slight tweak entering this week, hoping it would change their fortunes. They're atop the board in Louisiana. Read More
John Daly turns 50 on Thursday. That makes him eligible for the PGA Tour Champions, on which he will eagerly debut next week. Read More
As in down time. With the pressure of modern PGA Tour life, it's a must - whether that's family time or party time. Read More

Today in Golf

Lost the touch around the greens? Stina Sternberg on how a chipper-type club can improve your play around the greens.
Do some approach shots make you more nervous than others? Sean Foley shares techniques to use for controlling your nerves on the course.
Dr. Bob Winters shares how to get a start fresh start on the next hole after making a big number.
Do you consistently stab or stub short chip shots? David Leadbetter is here to show you a better way.
Dr. Bob Winters on how to use nervous energy to your advantage on the golf course.
Nobody likes to play in the rain. Dan Boever shares tips for keeping you dry and sane in the rain.
Always getting out driven off the tee? Dr. Bob Winters on why you need to focus on own game and not worry about how others play.
Dave Pelz shares how to hit putts that roll to the hole with the perfect putting speed.
Are you sick and tired of slicing the ball? Dan Boever gives you a drill that will turn your slice into a draw!
Annika Sorenstam reveals a training exercise she uses to strengthen her core muscles.
Do you always tee the ball in the middle of the tee box? Annika Sorenstam shares why tour pros like to "play the angles" off the tee.
Kai Fusser shares an exercise that Annika Sorenstam does to keep her core muscles tight and strong.
Dan Boever on why you should stick to what the pros do with regards to swing tips and techniques. If they don't do it, you shouldn't either.
Dave Leadbetter shares tips and techniques that lead to solid ball striking skills.
I think I will shot 65 today! Dr. Bob Winters shares why that type of thinking is not good for your game.
Danny Shanz on how to turn your long bunker play woes into wows on the course.
Brad Brewer shares tips for putting under windy conditions.
Annika Sorenstam shares a "Superman" exercise she likes to do to strengthen her back.
Dan Boever shows why knowing the Rules of Golf can be to your competitive advantage.
Dr. Bob Winters reveals the key ingredients to a great golf routine.