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He doesn't know when he'll compete or even run again. Tiger Woods didn't have much good news to share Tuesday. Read More
Matt Jones's Aussie win could spark major success, while 14-time major winner Tiger Woods will be MIA this week. Read More
Tiger Woods’ social media announcement in September that he had undergone a second back surgery was a shock to many, just as the need for the procedure was a surprise to him. Read More

Today in Golf

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Brad Brewer discusses checking your grip.
Musician Josh Kelley on why he loves the Dunes Club.
Siena Golf Club features a quarter-mile-long lake with cascading waterfalls, and 97 strategically placed white-sand bunkers.
Brad Brewer answers Brian's email question on whether or not a bigger grip would help stop hooking the ball.
Brad Brewer shares a non traditional strategy around the green.
Brad Brewer demonstrates proper address position for beginner golfers.
Brad Brewer breaks down the swing as a whole.
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Brad Brewer uses a broom to help beginners with their sweep angle of approach.
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Female contestants on Golf Channel's Big Break Ka'anapali All Access 4 immerse themselves in Hawaiian culture.
Senior Travel Editor, Matt Ginella catches up with the two-time Super Bowl champion and hall of fame quarterback of the Denver Broncos, John Elway.
Brad Brewer shows proper posture and spine angle for our set up.
Brad Brewer gives junior golfers a drill for arm extension and wrist position through the shot.
Brad Brewer gives a drill to help with a good balanced finish.
Brad Brewer gives tips on a difficult punch out shot that involves hitting opposite hand.
Brad Brewer gives a tip on using a ruler at home to work on your grip.