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Three PGA Tour journeymen made a slight tweak entering this week, hoping it would change their fortunes. They're atop the board in Louisiana. Read More
John Daly turns 50 on Thursday. That makes him eligible for the PGA Tour Champions, on which he will eagerly debut next week. Read More
As in down time. With the pressure of modern PGA Tour life, it's a must - whether that's family time or party time. Read More

Today in Golf

David Leadbetter helps viewer Carlos setup to the ball for solid iron-striking skills.
Annika Sorenstam shares a unique way to help beginning golfers choose which club to use.
David Leadbetter helps beginning golfer Nick with his putting technique. Learn a few putting tips that will lower your scored every round.
Dan Boever with a funny reminder on what can happen when you have too many swing thoughts in your head.
David Leadbetter helps viewer Rick play from a lie that is above his feet. Learn how to play from a grassy lie when standing in a bunker.
Dan Boever shares how a pre-shot routine can help you control nervousness on the course.
Dan Boever shares why every golfer should have their golf swing filmed and analyzed.
Kai Fusser and Annika Sorenstam on how to strengthen your core muscles with this total body exercise.
Stina Sternberg on how the shape of drivers is changing to help your game.
Hey walkers, looking for a better stand bag? Stina Sternberg reviews stand bags that will make your round more comfortable by taking the pressure off your back.
PGA Tour player Camilo Villegas joins Golf Fitness Academy gurus Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips to discuss his lower body workout regimen, which features several lunge movements.
Dan Boever shares a drill that will help you hit down and through the ball for solid contact.
Michael Breed shares a visual image to help you strike down on the ball more consistently for better iron play on the course.
David Leadbetter gives tips to a viewer that may just help your swing.
Dr. Bob Winters advises you to develop a "Teflon" mentality so the negative actions of playing partners won't affect you.
Dr. Bob Winters shares three visual clues to help you see and roll the ball on the intended putting line.
Brian Mogg breaks down Tiger Woods' winning putt at 2008 Arnold Palmer Invitational.
Have you lost your swing and can't seem to get it back? Dan Boever says the way to find it again begins with simply checking your grip.
PGA Tour pro Steve Flesch shares his tour-tested techniques for greenside bunker play.
David Leadbetter helps viewer Steve who is having trouble driving the ball off the tee. Learn how to drive it straighter today!