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Today in Golf

David Leadbetter helps viewer Fred tune up his grip and swing. Learn how to grip the club with constant grip pressure to produce consistent results.
In this GolfersMD video, Dr. Bob Donatelli shows you three exercises to help drive lower back pain away.
Stina Sternberg reveals why golf-specific sunglasses are not only good for the health of your eyes but also for your score as well.
When was the last time you changed your golf grips? Stina Sternberg reviews high-tech features of golf grips that provide comfort and control.
Dan Boever on why you should stick to what the pros do with regards to swing tips and techniques. If they don't do it, you shouldn't either.
I think I will shot 65 today! Dr. Bob Winters shares why that type of thinking is not good for your game.
Dave Pelz shares practice tips for getting up and down around any green.
Dan Boever shares how the "feet together" drill can help you find and groove the right tempo for your swing.
Dr. Bob Winters on how negative self talk stops you from playing golf at your highest level.
Dr. Bob Winters on how to make your putt after everyone else has made theirs.
David Leadbetter helps viewer Tony stop slicing it off the tee. Learn what change to make that will help you release the club and turn your uncontrollable slice into a powerful draw.
Dr. Bob Winters shares how to use a "trust line" to help you commit to the shot at hand.
In his own unique way, Dan Boever shares how technology can change your game.
Stina Sternberg reviews three putters that are specially designed to help you to aim correctly every time.
Stina Sternberg reviews golf club sets designed to help slow swinging golfers hit the ball higher and farther.
Chan Reeves shares tips and a drill for confident fairway wood play over water hazards.
Do you swing like a monkey? Dan Boever shares a quick tip for straighter tee shots.
Do your shoulders get tight and stiff as you play? Katherine Roberts shows ways to keep your shoulders loose and flexible on the course.
Shots missing the target? Dan Boever shows quick and simple way to check where you are aimed.
Which concerns you more: tee marker colors or course yardage? Dan Boever shares thoughts on which tees you should play on the course.