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Today in Golf

Brad Brewer discusses the grip fault of gapping.
Brad Brewer answers Kevin's email question on why he hits a lot of fat and thin shots.
Brad Brewer shows the proper overlapping grip.
Brad Brewer shows a drill to help with bunker play.
Brad Brewer shares tips on improving your posture which in turn improves your game.
Brad Brewer gives beginner golfers a drill for a good balanced finish
Brad Brewer focuses on good balance and swinging the club up and through with your arms.
Brad Brewer shares how to hit the high trajectory shot.
Brad Brewer discusses the mental phases of golf going into detail about recovery.
Brad Brewer discusses a putting technique using your rescue club.
Matt Ginella takes you on a tour of Georgia's finest coastal getaway, where he met a new friend, Butler Ron.
Brad Brewer answers Brian's email question on why he loses his balance and falls back after striking the ball.
Find out what makes Ka'anapali great...
In Big Break Ka'anapali All Access 3, contestants become acclimated to life in Ka'anapali. They also take part in their first photo shoot with the Big Break rock.
Brad Brewer shows how to chip and stop a ball on the green.
Brad Brewer shows proper foot width for your setup.
Brad Brewer uses the explainer to demonstrate proper swing plane and arc.
Brad Brewer gives a drill to help with impact position.
Brad Brewer shares tips on how high to tee it up.
Brad Brewer shares tips on hitting the punch out shot.