Bauer Signs With CokeBut Pepsis Not Firing Britney Yet


The latest:
BAUER SIGNS DASANI DEAL: The only surprise here is that there arent more bottled water connections with golf, with all that walking in the hot sun. LPGA rookie Beth Bauer has signed a deal to endorse Dasani, the bottled water brand of the Coca-Cola company.. Shell participate in the brands marketing programs (that will include some personal appearances), and shell wear a Dasani patch on her right sleeve during tournaments. And of course, shell be seen drinking gallons of the stuff.
Bauer, 22, may be the most aggressively ' and successfully ' marketed young pro since that Woods guy. Thanks to the work of Tim McNulty, Bauers agent at Gaylord Sports in Scottsdale, Ariz., she also has endorsement deals with Cleveland Golf (equipment), Callaway Golf (golf ball), Tommy Hilfiger, Rolex, Golf Digest Companies, and Eagles Golf & Country Club in Tampa.
TWO MORE 2-BALLS: Some in-the-know folks speculate that Callaways Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball putters might be the most successful Odyssey model ever. Callaway execs arent saying, probably because its not polite to talk while counting all that money. But if product line extensions are credible evidence, then indeed the 2-Ball is working for Callaway.
Two new models ' a mid-length and a long putter ' will be available soon. The Mid putter, in 41-, 43- and 45-inch models, will come out this month. The Long model, available at 46, 48 and 50 inches, will be ready in November. The Mid has a single long grip, and the Long has a split grip that conforms to the Rules of Golf all over the world. Suggested retail price for both will be $285.
SPIKE WARS: Competition is heating up for the bottom of your feet. The folks at CHAMP/MacNeill Engineering, makers of the ScorpionSpike, are doubling production to meet demand, they say.
The Scorpion has eight legs and features what MacNeill calls ArachnaTraction, which surely irks competitor SoftSpikes. Its lead product, called the Black Widow, has been promoted with the same spidery imagery. But SoftSpikes has also relied heavily for marketing punch on its tour usage. According to stats at its website, at least half the field in every PGA Tour event and mens major tournament this year has worn SoftSpikes products. Of the SoftSpikes group, no less than 94 percent were Black Widow users in each event.