Business Edge for Monday March 12 2001


The latest:
V IS FOR MORE VICTORIES, THEY HOPE: Things have gone so well for Titleist with its Pro V1 golf ball that the company is busy preparing to fill the pipeline with its successor. A close look at the U.S. Golf Association's latest list of conforming golf balls shows a Pro V2 designation already approved and waiting to be filled. And Greg Norman has been raving about the extra distance he's been getting from another prototype that some have called the Pro V DC.
'In essence, the day we introduce a new product is the day we start working on another one,' said Titleist executive George Sine. But it's 'very premature' to talk about release dates, he added.
Oh, and don't expect the Pro V2 to come out under that name. The V2 designation could still be a sore spot for some European customers, even all these years after Hitler gave that name to one of his so-called 'vengeance weapons' in World War II.
JUST IN ON JUSTIN: New agency Sports Communications Group of Dallas will handle media and communications work for PGA Tour star Justin Leonard. SCG, headed by veteran communications man Mike Biggs opened for business in January. Biggs' pedigree includes stints at the PGA of America, Golden Bear International, Cornerstone Sports and Gaylord Sports.
Octagon Golf will continue to handle Leonard's other management duties.
LEARNIN' OF THE GREEN: Saturday, March 17 is New Golfer Day at 50 Nike Golf Learning Centers around the United States. Nike sponsors the introductory program for men and women age 18 or older, and promises that entrants can learn with others of their own skill group and at their own pace. For more information about a location near you, call 877-312-4653. It's toll-free.