Business Edge for Wednesday May 9 2001


The latest:
POLICE BLOTTER: Thefts of high-end golf equipment have become all too common in recent years, sad proof that golf gear is a valuable enough commodity to support black market sales and fencing. The latest outrage: A thief or thieves chained a truck to burglar bars on a window of Golfsmiths Interstate 45 store in Houston in the early hours of April 26 ' and yanked the whole window out.
In this case, the alleged offenders were tracked down quickly. They were in possession of a bunch of Callaway golf clubs with serial numbers that matched some missing sticks. Charges are pending in Harris County, Texas.
But as retailers such as Edwin Watts and others can testify, that kind of result is rare. Some Watts stores have been victimized in the middle of the night by burglars who simply rammed a truck through a cinder block wall.
CANADIAN CORNER: In that corner of Canada known as British Columbia, they love their golf. If youve ever been to Lake Louise, you understand the beauty and allure of this area, even beyond golf.
And the beat goes on. Golf course architect Tom McBroom will design 18 holes at the Six Mile Ranch resort on Kamloops Lake. There will also be three hotels, as well as fly-fishing lakes, a marina, and biking and hiking trails.
The site will be familiar to many Canadians for its stunning beauty. The view from Six Mile Ranch was on the Canadian $100 bill in 1954.
NIKE CLUB FOLLOW-UP: We told you on the Tuesday, May 8 Golf Central that Nike is in the midst of choosing shaft vendors for its coming golf clubs. Graphite and steel will be available, but at this point, there are no plans to use multi-material shafts, says Tom Stites, Nikes club design chief.
But watch for possible multi-material clubheads, Stites added with a wink.