Dinners Ready Thanksgiving Golf Style


A feast of golf blessings to be thankful for:
- Titanium, 17-4 stainless steel, compressed carbon fiber, and everything else used to make premium equipment, so we have something to dream about and aspire to.
- Value-line clubs of serviceable design, so we can afford to play if were not up to the premium stuff.
- People such as Barney Adams, Dick Helmstetter (Callaway), Bob Vokey (Titleist), John Solheim (Ping), John Hoeflich (TaylorMade) and dozens of others who get great joy from designing clubs that help us play better.
- Bobby Jones.
- Golf course superintendents, for the firm, sandy, true turf beneath our feet.
- Nancy Lopez.
- Carry bags.
- The guys and/or girls in your Saturday morning foursome.
- The high moral standard of the game, which helps even rivals such as Callaway Golf and the U.S. Golf Association keep their public disagreements civil.
- Whatever it is that makes you want to play again the day after a round that makes you want to rip your own head off.
- Putters, putters, the endless variety of putters.
- The one or two really good three irons you hit all season.
- Herbert Warren Wind.
- The feeling of sinking into a big chair in the clubhouse after a round in cold, wet weather, immediately before the first sip of any amber liquid with the word Glen in its name.
- Successful sand shots.
- Caddies and caddie programs, especially the Evans Scholars.
- Memory, which allows us to enjoy Payne Stewart, Gene Sarazen and a hundred others, over and over again.
- Kids who want to play.
- Redemption from the rough.
- Sixty-footers that break three feet to the rightand then four inches straight down.
- The necessity of repairing a ball mark, which to the high handicapper is evidence of a green hit and held.
- People who rake.
- The healing power of golf and the companionship it fosters, especially for those golfers and their families bereaved by the events of September 11.
- The game, the whole game, and nothing but the game, so help us God.
What are you thankful for this year?
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