Fly Me to the Moon or Farer


The latest:
FARER?: Thats supposed to mean more than far. The relaxed grammar is in keeping with Nikes lighthearted approach to golf ball advertising, which began with the Ball Go Far tagline.
Nikes follow-up campaign, due to hit July 8 on radio and later in print and on TV, boasts of balls that go farerexcuse me, fartherin the voices of entertainment legends Glen Campbell and Nancy Sinatra. Its all in support of Nikes Power Distance line of balls. Wieden & Kennedy, the Portland, Ore., advertising agency that has made some of Nikes most memorable commercials, is behind this one as well.
As if that werent enough, Nike is planning to float the new Ball Go Farer tagline on 25-foot blimps over popular golf courses, and to place banners on practice range fences in major markets.
Golf is supposed to be fun, but sometimes I think people can forget that, said Chris Mike, Nikes marketing director for golf. Were here to remind them.
Nike has never been afraid to go retro ' have a look at the mid-1970s funk-inspired campaign on their basketball website. And I know youve all been wondering what happened to Campbells golf game since his name was no longer attached to the Los Angeles Open after the 1983 tournament.
As for Francis Alberts little girl ' dont make me slug you. Ring-a-ding-ding!
MISTER SMITH STAYS IN MICHIGAN: Fifteen years after he showed up, Rick Smith has decided he likes Treetops Resort so much, hell buy the place.
Smith, the noted instructor who works with such luminaries as Phil Mickelson, Lee Janzen and Jack Nicklaus, has been a fixture at the Gaylord, Mich. resort since 1986. Hell join a group of investors to buy the property, a portion of which will remain under the control of descendants of original developer Harry Melling. When Melling bought the area in 1983, it was a small ski resort. Now there are four golf courses, a hotel, and room for winter sport activities on 4,000 acres Smith plans to develop.
The Mellings want to concentrate more on their high performance auto part business, which is based in Jackson, Mich.