Hailstorm of New Golf Balls Continues


The latest:
NEW GOLF BALL MONSOON UNABATED: Not that official stats are kept on such things, but this could be a record year for new golf ball introductions. Nearly every existing golf ball company has come out with something new since January, and even the one who had been ignoring its ball franchise (TaylorMade-adidas Golf) promises a renewed effort soon.
Precept Golf Ball
The latest entries are the Tour Premium LS from Precept Golf and the Black Label Tour Solid Performance from Slazenger Golf. With names like that, you can guess what price stratum theyll occupy. The Precept ball carries a manufacturers suggested retail price of $50 per dozen; the Slazenger ball will have an MSRP of $52 per dozen. Street prices for both models will probably settle a little lower.
Precept promises the three-piece LS is the worlds most consistent golf ball. But although Precepts story to date has been its successful Muscle Fiber core, this balls calling card is a seamless cover, which requires optimum arrangement of the dimples for better aerodynamics. Theres no straight seam line along the equator of the ball, so it will perform more consistently, Precept says.
Golf ball seams gained attention this summer with the rise of the notion that Titleists Pro V1 has an equatorial seam that can be oriented on the tee to yield more distance. The U.S. Golf Association has ruled that the Pro V1 does not violate rules requiring golf ball symmetry.
The LS has a urethane cover and the Muscle Fiber core than has done so well for Precept over the past few years.
Slazengers Black Label is also a multi-layer, urethane-cover ball, but the name and manufacturing process are aimed at the high-end golf consumer. Slazenger boasts that the balls are made in small batches and given extra individual attention through the finishing process. The company also claims the ball is longer than Nikes Tour Accuracy and softer than the Pro V1.
Other major golf ball introductions this year include the CB1 from Callaway Golf, the Strata Tour Ultimate from Spalding Sports Worldwide, the Power Distance Series from Nike, the A10 from Maxfli and the NXT from Titleist.