New Products Hit Market Despite Uncertainty


The latest:
NEW PRODUCTS GALORE: This doesnt look like a golf economy in shock. New products from Callaway Golf, Adams Golf, and Wilson Golf will be in pro shops over the next two months (except one Callaway ball model, which will come out in March 2002). Despite industry fears that the uncertainty arising from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks will depress leisure product spending, the new products make things look robust for the moment.
And theres more on the way. Titleist had planned to launch its newest Pro V family golf ball models Sept. 12 at the PGA Tours American Express Championship, but that was all called off out of respect for the national situation.
But the two balls will be out soon enough. Already, theyre on tour. The names arent final yet, but the model called the Star, which has less spin than the Pro V1, is in the bags of 24 players at the Texas Open at LaCantera. Four players are using the Diamond model, which has more spin than the Pro V1.
All this comes within weeks of Titleist introduction of its NXT balls.
Titleist is coming on strong in a continuing effort to counter the potential threat from sporting goods giant Nike, which plans to add a David Duval model to its Tour Accuracy line. The Tour Accuracy DD and another new ball line, the Precision Double C, will ship in February.




Primary Feature

Shipping Date

Suggested Retail


Callaway Golf




HX Red and Blue golf balls


'Tubular Lattice Network' instead of dimples for improved aerodynamics


March 2002


$58 per dozen


Callaway Golf


CTU 30 Red and Blue golf balls


Thin urethane cover allows for larger, more powerful core


November 2001


$50 per dozen


Adams Golf


Ultimate GT irons


Lower center of gravity helps get ball airborne


November 2001


$800 per set


Wilson Golf


Deep Red irons


Clubhead weight low and back for better lift; low-torque Fat Shaft


October 15


$950 per set (graphite); $750 per set (steel)




As-yet unnamed Pro V1 models


'Star' has less spin than Pro V1; 'Diamond: has more


Not yet known


Not yet known




Tour Accuracy DD golf ball


Ball David Duval used in Open Championship; high trajectory and low spin


February 2002






Precision Double C golf ball


Distance/feel combo


February 2002





Surely, many industries will suffer more than golf in the wake of the terrorist attacks. But dont take all these product introductions as ironclad evidence of a strong future. Once product development schedules get going, its difficult to derail them without major cost leaks. The larger companies can withstand sluggish sales, even with new products on the shelves. But watch for the demise of troubled smaller companies to accelerate as golf sales flatten.
SPALDING SIGNS THE DONALD: Not that Donald, thank goodness, but four-time All-American Luke Donald, who was a college star at Northwestern before turning pro this summer. Donald, who played a Spalding Strata ball even before turning pro, will continue with that ball. Hell also play Ben Hogan irons and carry a Ben Hogan bag.
The parties wont discuss the terms of the agreement.