Precept Expands Golf Card Goes Nationwide


The latest:
PRECEPT BUSTS OUT: Increased demand for its golf balls has forced Precept Golf to bump its office staff to another building in Covington, Ga., east of Atlanta. The popularity of the MC Lady ball continues, the company said, and expanded production facilities are essential to keep up with demand. So the accountants and marketing folks will have their current offices converted into more ball-making machinery areas, and theyll get new digs in the trade.
GOLF CARD BLANKETS THE NATION: Its a wonder affinity marketing ' elaborate discount programs designed to capitalize on and expand existing consumer interest ' arent more popular in golf. But they are out there, and Golf Card has been one of the most prominent for 27 years. The company, based near Denver, just added its 50th state to the roster by signing a course in Rhode Island. Golf Card now has more than 3,500 courses in its network. About 100,000 Golf Card members play 7.4 million rounds per year, the company said. Golf Card is a subsidiary of Affinity Group Inc. of Ventura, Calif., which has affinity groups for a number of different interests.
DISTAFF NUMBERS: Sales are up but net income is down for equipment maker Womens Golf Unlimited (NASDAQ: GOLF), formerly Square Two Golf. The company reported its latest results this week.
For the first six months of 2001, WGU had sales of more than $9.9 million, up 46 percent from the $6.7 million gross for the first six months of 2000. But net income was $210,176 (6 cents per share), down from $402,742 (18 cents per share) for January through June 2000.
For the second quarter of 2001, sales were $5.4 million, up 38 percent from sales of $3.9 million for the second quarter of 2000. Net income for the latest quarter was $36,248 (1 cent per share), down from $288,705 (13 cents per share) for the second quarter of 2000.