Remembering Country Club Pioneer Robert Dedman Sr


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GOODBYE TO A PIONEER: The world of golf will miss Robert. H. Dedman, Sr., who died Aug. 19 after a long illness. Dedman bought 400 acres in Dallas in 1957 and developed it into Brookhaven Country Club. Dedmans company, Country Club Inc., managed the club.
That company grew into ClubCorp, the worlds largest club ownership and management company, with more than 200 properties and $1.6 billion in assets. Some of its marquee properties include Pinehurst (which ClubCorp bought in 1984), Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio, Indian Wells Country Club in Palm Springs, Calif., and The Homestead in Hot Springs, Va.
Mr. Dedmans son, Robert Jr., succeeded him in the business; he became ClubCorps CEO in 1998.
IT WAS LEGAL: Of course it was: Rich Beems driver that he used in the PGA Championship, that is. It was a TaylorMade-adidas Golf R580 with a 0.83 coefficient of restitution face, which conforms to the regulations laid down by the U.S. Golf Association.
So what happened to all the 0.86 product TMaG sold into retail shops after the May 9 proposal to temporarily extend the COR limit to 0.86? Well, a lot of it has sold, and so far, TMaG says it isnt hearing a lot of exchange requests. The remainder has been shipped to Japan and other countries under the jurisdiction of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, which has no limit on spring-like effect off the face of drivers.
A TRICYCLE?: Thats what golf industry reporters found on their desks this week, courtesy of golf ball maker Precept. Its all a teaser to the upcoming announcement of the companys new U-Tri golf ball. The new entry will feature 3-piece construction and a seamless urethane cover, said the cryptic press materials, which will lead to high spin without any distance trade-off, Precept claims. Affordability is part of the plan too, but Precept wont give details yet. So watch this space.
GOT SOMETHING IN A NICE PURPLE?: Since the ProForce products have done so well in blue-and-gold and red-and-gold, color has become an important element of golf shafts. After all, you want em to see from 200 yards that youre playing the latest, right?
Actually, theres more to it than that. But theres nothing wrong with having distinctive product, so Graphite Design International has introduced its Purple Ice shaft. Of course, theres a technology story: Low-resin, high-modulus fiber construction designed to work well with large, low-spin modern clubheads. And the easy-to-spot color doesnt hurt for marketing purposes.
Greg Norman used a prototype in his Skins Game win last year. But such technology doesnt come cheap: Suggested retail is $125 per shaft.