Rounds Played Surge in July


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ROUNDS UP IN JULY: More people were playing golf as summer reached its peak, especially in New England and the Middle Atlantic states. But rounds are still down for the year to date.
Top regions in the United States were New England and the Middle Atlantic.
New England (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut) rounds jumped 5.5 percent for July, according to the monthly rounds played report, developed by Golf Datatech in cooperation with the National Golf Course Owners Association. Year-to-date rounds are down 4 percent in New England, though. The Middle Atlantic states (New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania) enjoyed a 5.9 percent jump; year-to-date rounds are down 1.1 percent.
The only July losers: Florida, down 1.4 percent (too darn hot) and the Pacific, measured without California (Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii), down 1 percent.
In Canada, the ocean breezes must be calling the golfers. July rounds in the Maritime Provinces jumped 8.9 percent. Ontario was up 5.6 percent for the month; Saskatchewan and Manitoba were up 5.1 percent.
Overall, rounds in the United States are down 2.4 percent compared to 2000.
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