Spalding Launches Into Spring With a New Ball


The latest:
SPALDING STRAIGHT PREVIEW: Saturday, May 4 is the first of a series of demo days for Spalding Sports Worldwides new Strata Tour Straight golf ball. The timing is important because of the effect the demo day could have on initial sales: The ball hits stores Monday.
Strata Tour Straight Golf Ball
Spalding has engineered demos at 4,100 locations in all 50 states to show off the Teflon-coated ball. The slick cover reduces sidespin, which will cut down on hooks and slices, Spalding says. Also, instead of the traditional lettering on the equator, the Straight will have a green arrow for use in lining up putts.
And remember when 80 compression was considered low? The Straight is a new entry in the marshmallow golf ball category. Its compression is 37, Spalding says, compared with 46 for Maxflis Noodle and 48 for Titleists NXT Distance and Nikes Double C Distance.
Demo day locations are listed at
SEARCH FOR PURITY CONTINUES: This shaft-spining thing seems to be gathering steam, so much so that it may exit golf cult status soon.
No shaft is perfectly round or straight, says Dick Weiss, chairman of Strategic Shaft Technologies L.C. (SST) of Miami, which has a van on the PGA Tour where tour players come to have their shafts pured. The SST Pure process combats inconsistencies using computer-driven analysis to determine the best orientation of a golf shaft with regard to the clubhead. Devotees say the process works on any kind of shaft.
For Weiss and his crew, the job now is to get local licensees to bring puring to recreational golfers. Their latest addition is The Complete Golfer, a specialty shop in White Plains, N.Y. that also maintains a seasonal repair facility on the range at Westchester Country Club.
One sure sign that the process may be for real is the rise of competition. Former SST president Phil Talamonti has started D&T Golf Ventures, which has its own shaft alignment equipment. Weiss and SST sued to try to stop D&T from proceeding, but injunctions are hard to get ' so a Texas judge ruled April 27 that D&T may sell its equipment to anyone who is not already an SST licensee.
Game on.
LAPTOPS ON THE RANGE?: Dont be surprised if the guy or girl next to you boots up between shots. GolfTEC of Denver, which markets an instruction system based on video analysis and motion feedback, has developed software that should help golf students remember what theyve been taught. That should help cut down on recap time in succeeding lessons, GolfTEC says.
The program, called SEVA (for Swing Element Video Analyzer) allows the teaching pro to preserve the key video and verbal portions of a lesson or demonstration ' and then the student can go over it all again on the Internet. GolfTEC calls the programs output a WebLesson.
WellOK, but if there are a lot of sleepy people at work who were up at 3 a.m. reviewing their takeaways, dont say I didnt warn you.