Ex-caddie who rushed Ohio State field gets scholarship back


When last we checked in with Anthony Wunder, things weren't going too well for the Ohio State fourth-year engineering student. He rushed the field during a September game between the Buckeyes and the visiting Cincinnati Bearcats. Not a good idea; he got body-slammed by OSU assistant coach Anthony Schlegel, a former linebacker.

As he was being led off the field, Wunder's problems were just beginning. He was attending The Ohio State University on a full scholarship provided by the Evans Scholars Foundation, which provides scholarships to former caddies. According to a Columbus Dispatch report, his scholarship was revoked and he was kicked out of the house reserved for Evans scholars.

Fast-forward to Thursday. According to The Associated Press, Wunder pleaded guilty in Franklin County (Ohio) Municipal Court to misdemeanor criminal trespassing (he originally had pleaded not guilty) and was fined $100 plus court costs. But the best news for Wunder was that he will retain his scholarship. He's still out of the Evans house, but he can get back in by completing some "recommendations" that were not made public. According to his attorney, he has apologized for his actions.