I placed the phone down and realized that the ultimate dream for a golfer had been offered to me. I was invited to play Augusta National. Emotions, too many to countbut one was obvious.the smile, both internal and external, would not go away for a long time. Driving home that evening provided the privacy to evaluate what I really needed to focus on so as not to appear to have never played before. What had I witnessed over the last 50 years that made the big difference between winning and 2nd place? PUTTING, of course. The greens were always the key to victory. I replayed many of the television years over the next weeksthe tap stroke leading to the great wins by Palmer & Player. Later the velvet stroke of Ben Crenshaw. Tiger Woods and the putter face that never waivers and of course the I dare you not to go in stroke from Jack Nicklaus. Get the ball on line combined with the correct pace, dont get above the hole and you too can score at Augusta!!! Just rememberthese putting surfaces usually roll at 13-14!!!

Following our arrival on a drop-dead spectacular day in November, 2007, my playing companions and I were escorted by our host to the clubhouse for lunch. Turning left from the cottages I paused for my first vision of the groundsthe 10th tee, the 9th green, the 18th green and the first tee box. My eyes slowly moved across the panoramic presentation finishing at the putting green. The presentation was as I hopedsimplistic draped in history.

To the first tee with a little anxietywell struck tee shot, solid second just short of the greenchip to 9 feetthree putt. Rememberline and pace and leave the aggression in the bag!!! Starting with hole #2 I employed a method I had learned years beforeon fast greens (and these beautiful surfaces had a speed of 13-14) putt the ball with the very tip of the toe of the putter. Much to my pleasureonly one more three putt on day one. The day, the company, the courseit has never been better. I have been blessed (and I could not wait for day two)!
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