Over the years the length of Augusta National has been adjusted to challenge the invitees to The Masters. Equipment, technique and physical conditioning all have changed the complexion of golf. As my host escorted our group from the putting green to the 1st Tee box I was struck by the yardage difference between the Members Tees and the Masters Tees. The Members play from a distance of 6365- 6450 yards. The Masters Tees for 2007 measure 7445 yards. 1000 yards difference! As we moved from greens to tee boxes I made it my business to spot the Master Tees and noted the big difference on the following holes. Hole #7 has a 120 yard difference between tee boxes; hole #8 a 90 yard spread; holes #1, #2 & # 9 a 70 yard difference. Comparing the scorecard of 1975 to 2007 one sees a difference of 250 yards. Do metal woods, hybrid clubs and the new golf balls balance the numbers? I guess so!
On the back side one finds a minimal difference on the par 3 12th & par 3 16th holes. Review of the other holes finds an average difference of 65 yards, with the 11th showing a spread of 105 yards. All I could think was does the tour professional have that much lengthI guess so! Again, the comparison of 1975 to 2007 finds a spread on the back nine of 225 yards.
I offer this thought in conclusion of the length needed at Augusta National. Hole #10, known as Camellia, has a card length of 495 yards from the Masters Tees. Id like to take a wager that this great Par 4???? really plays to a reading of over 520 yards!!! Best learn how to Take it Deep!
Learn how to drive it long to a narrow fairway.
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