The Challenge of Uneven Lies


Not unlike other golf courses Augusta National offers a myriad of uneven lies. Understanding proper technique offers a player a greater chance of success. Three specific holes at Augusta National, #9, #10 and #18 can force the player to go to the extreme. The ninth hole offers a down hill tee shot to a fairway which gently sweeps to the left around a cluster of trees. A tee shot to the right center leaves a slightly longer shot to the green, but also presents an uphill play from a slightly downhill lie. The green sets into the land so perfectly (I think MacKenzie and Jones saw this prior to routing the hole) and is pitch severely uphill from front to back. Smart play is onto the first quarter of the green which is somewhat flat. A miss must be played to the front side of the green or the player is left with a downhill putt that needs the touch of a Michaelangelo.
In mind opinion the 10th hole is the greatest challenge offered at Augusta National. The view is breathtaking.with the tee on top of this magnificent property, this hole requires a slingshot type of tee ball from left to right. Fairway bunkers frame the second shot to an uphill green complex which also has a gentle tilt to the left (we see that tilt when a tour player putts from the right front to the left rear pin position). As we found with the second at #9 we have a downhill lie to a severe uphill green setting. Setting the body technically correctthe body posture is set with the slope of the land, the play will be with a strong mid to long iron. Block this shot and you will find the bunkers which were seen from the tee. This combination of fairway slope, and extremely large bunkers offer the tour pro the ultimate challengethe good player really needs a solid plan for this hole or he might be looking a double digits.
The finishing hole offers an acute uphill, left to right play off of the fairway bunkers always shown on television. While this is a most playable shot, the second to the green again offers quite a challenge. Straight uphill to a green complex which is cut to a slant from the players right to left. Uphill (the hole plays one to two clubs more than is perceived), ball slightly below our feet. The skilled player again needs to set his posture such that a high cut over the left bunker be the play. Easier said than done.
I, now more than ever, admire the total game played by the tour playerphysical and mental. It is rare to play a golf course which allows every club in the bag to be used and every aspect of years of preparation to be attempted. I like this place!
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