As I reflect back on my two wonderful days at Augusta National, slicing away the vale of emotion that covers much of reality, I am more and more impressed by the challenges of some of the finest greens complexes in the world. The excellent television presentations, created originally by Frank Chirkinian and CBS, do not portray the many subtleties the player faces from hole to hole. Thus great chipping becomes the necessity for a good final result on the scorecard.
On the front nine one finds the need to pitch and chip to high greens on holes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9. The design and placement of these greens forces the player to attempt soft lobs to the par 4s and controlled chips, low to the ground to the par threes, should the greens be missed. The 10th hole, highly understated by television, leaves the player, who has missed the green, with a multitude of possible chips and pitches due to the setting of the green.
A stronger than seen false front leading to the too short chip running back to the fairway; pin in the backexpect to borrow much to the right as the ball will pick up momentum to the left. The chips and pitches thru Amen Corner are a concern, especially the Par 5 13th hole. A missed green leads to a pitch or chip which must be played to specific spots, which the caddies point out, or the upcoming putt will be one filled with great anxiety. The greatness of the 14th green complex is never demonstrated to the television viewer. This is a tiered green which takes the touch of a surgeon to chip a ball close. My compliments to the touring pro who makes a birdie on 14. Playing the 16th green, I was reminded of two shotsMr. Nicklaus in 1986, nearly making a 1 and of course Tigers chip in. The drop from the right side to the pond is substantial and Tigers understanding of the pace for his chip shot on that given day, under those circumstances, still defies imagination. And yes, on day two I was permitted my moment in time. According to my host my ball fell in right on top of that Nike ball Tiger played! We still have holes 17 and 18. Each having there own idiosyncrasies.
Defer to the Augusta caddythey are well trained.
Imagination, soft hands, and preparation will be your guide to the short game so much need for a good score when you play Augusta National.

Brad Brewer goes over the proper chipping grip for a beginner.
Brad Brewer shows an easy way to chip the ball close with the Putt Chip.