The unknownwill I be physically and mentally prepared to play Augusta National. The physical is covered by:
1) sticking to a successful pre-shot routine
2) practicing short game as much as time will allow
3) understanding the usual ball flight when using metal woods and irons.
I, having played throughout the world, have developed a few mental keys which afford me a sameness whether I play in New England, North Carolina, Florida or Scotland.
1) Short game approach is reflective of the topographyplay the ball on the ground or throw the ball up to the target is decided by the land and that philosophy is not adjusted.
2) Golf ball movement (fade or draw tendencies) is found on the practice range prior to beginning a round and I stay with my strength, knowing what the ball will do most of the time.
3) Carry what I have seen and felt on the range to the tee boxgoing against your normal action will lead to early problems.
4) Have a bad memory.the last hole is history!
Allowing outside stimulus to interfere with your game will cause a loss of focus. I dare anyone to not stop and smell the azaleas or settle back into the beloved history of The Masters the first time you are playing Augusta National. Thus your focus may not last 18 holes.but thats OK! There are few experiences in ones life which we want to wrap our arms around and never let go! This is one of them!!!!
Learn how to recover from a bad shot and not let it affect the rest of your round.
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