Build Strength and torso rotation like LPGA star Na Yeon Choi


Andrea Doddato works with many of the top stars on the LPGA and other tours and will periodically share tips from her workouts with This week, Doddato explains how she's transformed the body of one of the LPGA's rising young starts, Na Yeon Choi.

Strengthening the core strength and torso rotation of Na Yeon Choi:

Na Yeon and I began to work in the gym on upper body and core strength as well as increasing rotation within her torso. She had a few muscular imbalances that created continuous faults within her swing, so our goal was to tackle these first before we could add any more distance to her drives. Because of a slight scoliosis in her back she lacked full range of motion within the thoracic part of her spine. We incorporated foam roller techniques as well as stretching and rotational exercises until flexibility was restored.

The following two exercises help Na Yeon with torso rotation:


Seated cable/band rotation:

– Begin by sitting on a stability ball with your legs shoulder width apart.

– Keep back and arms straight as you pull the band rotationally across your body (it is ok to let the outside elbow fold). The hips should not sway but rotate slightly as well through the exercise.

– Practice using full range of motion without compromising form.

– Perform 15-20 reps then change sides and repeat.

Na Yeon ChoiNa Yeon Choi













*Na Yeon does an advanced version of this exercise with her outside leg raised forcing her to increase the stabilization of her pelvis and core.


Split stance cable/band twisting row:

– Begin by using opposite hand to the opposite foot that is forward.

– Keep hips facing forward as you fully twist your upper body.

– Pull one elbow behind your body as you 'punch' your other arm forward.

– Do not round upper body or head, arms should follow the path of the cable/band and keep hips locked down in order to rotate only from your thoracic spine.

– Perform 15-20 reps then change sides and repeat.

Na Yeon ChoiNa Yeon Choi













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