Idiots in the gallery


DUBLIN, Ohio – It's hard to feel too much sympathy for Tiger Woods, but he does have to endure some idiots in his gallery. Yes, these idiots have helped make Woods obscenely wealthy, but what's with these people?

As Woods launched his drive at the par-5 11th – yes, it's a par 5 – some moron yelled 'get in the hole.' Woods, of course, ignored it, but he had trouble tuning out the barking dog as he prepared for his third shot. Even caddie Steve Williams couldn't do anything about the canine, which was in a house adjacent to the fairway.

It's probably just coincidence, but Woods hit a poor wedge and turned a birdie hole into a par. Generally, the gallery of several hundred was quite subdued for such a late hour, apart from the aforementioned idiot. Birdies at No. 9 and 10 left Woods at even par, not quite what he must have had in mind at the start of the day, but no disaster either. He remained even after 13 holes.