Time to get away from the office


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Tiger Woods often tries to find something positive to say about even the most mediocre of rounds, but he was in no mood to sugarcoat his Thursday performance.

Woods' long game was horrible on his outward half, as he slipped to 4 over after 10 holes, and even though he improved somewhat coming home, a 2-over 74 left him a long way behind in the perfect morning conditions at Quail Hollow.

'I was struggling so bad today,' Woods said. 'I didn't know which way I was going to go, whether I was going left or right. I was just trying to piece together a round to keep myself in the tournament.

'I had a two-way miss with every club. It wasn't (just) the driver, it was everything. I just didn't have it today.'

Woods hit only one fairway on his outward half (the back nine) and four for the day, but he did drive it better coming home, no matter what he said. Uncharacteristically, he decided to cut his losses and take the rest of the day off, rather than grind on the range trying to find the cause of his poor shots. Some days are so bad you just want get away from the office and forget about what's transpired.