He Said


Hello World,


A-Rod here. Thanks for the support from my fans out there! You guys have been great.

To wake up that morning not knowing what was going to happen was the $100,000 question. We had head-to-head matches; my cup of tea. The first challenge, a shot from 100 yards, meant the closest to the pin got to choose the order of the matches. I felt good, and I wanted to go first. I needed to take care of business. I've been there, done that. Boom--4'8''. I set the tone.

My strategy was to be there in the end and not be passed in MVP points. But also, I wanted to be there for my team in the end.

Things suddenly went into a tailspin. We were losing.

When Andrew lost, I secured MVP. Now it was time to just play. I hit two great shots, but Blair hit two good ones, too. Unfortunately for me, her third was better than mine.

The girls won. We lost. All done. Golf Channel always does something to twist these things up, and what do you know, they did.

Tom announces that he receives a call from Justin, and they give me the exemption. Wow! Thank you Golf Channel and Justin Timberlake for the opportunity. I won’t let you guys down. I’m going to the show. (I’m PGA TOUR bound.)

Thanks for this chance and bringing me back. This experience was so much better than Big Break Mesquite.

See ya'll in Las Vegas.