He Said


Hey everyone, A-Rod here.

You know, I had in my mind wondered if I should come back and do the show again. It’s one of those things; here's your chance for redemption, you need to do it for yourself and nobody else. That's how I made that decision. I'm here for me this time. I know how to play the game, and nothing is going to throw me off my game this time. Always expect the unexpected, and you will be fine. That's what I told myself this time.

So, here's a quick overview or recap about the first episode:

How about that one second win over the girls in the glass breaking challenge? Our strategy was that the players that felt comfortable hitting a low punch shot would go first and so on. It was like doing questions on a test; easy ones first, then do the hard one. We couldn't have had a more exciting start to a show than that one. These girls are good. Wow!

Now getting to the challenge. We all wanted to have a chance at the $5,000, so we chose to draw from a hat. Well, I was lucky enough my ball was drawn. It was like a little flashback from Big Break Mesquite, where it seemed like I always drew number one. But this time I wanted it. Now some of you are probably thinking here, “he has a one-shot advantage in two holes of golf he should go after their strongest player.” Well, no boys and girls. This is about cash—five grand. You take your money and run. So during that first day, I felt Brenda wasn't on top of her game, so I chose her. Hey, I would play Tiger Woods right now with a one-shot advantage and only two holes. Well as you can see, my strategy worked. I won. I’m up in MVP Points and an extra five-g’s in my pocket. BooYaa...thank you very much. Stay tuned for exciting golf and drama only on Golf Channel.

Guys, thanks for reading, and I hope ya'll enjoy the show.