Chrysler Classic Ups Charitable Contributions


The Greensboro Jaycees have followed up their increase in proceeds from the 2003 Chrysler Classic of Greensboro with another jump in 2004.
As a result, the Jaycees plan to give $620,000 to 80 charities, including the Greensboro Cerebral Palsy Association, Senior Resources of Guilford County, the International Civil Rights Museum and Brenner Children's Hospital in Winston-Salem.
'It fills me up with great pride,' said Greensboro Jaycees President Gene Shanks. 'As Jaycees members, we pride ourselves on our ability to help other people through the Chrysler Classic, as well as other projects.'
In the past, tournament proceeds had fallen year after year, amounting to just $51,196 in 2002.
In 2003, the group made drastic changes in an effort to turn its profit around, including cutting almost $500,000 from the event's $6.5 million budget, increasing corporate sales and involving more civic organizations, whose members helped run the tournament and pledged more money.
That same year, the tournament was moved from April to October, the winnings jumped to $4.5 million and Forest Oaks Country Club underwent a $3.8 million renovation.
The tournament then recorded net proceeds of $362,199 in 2003, a sevenfold increase over 2002. That year the Jaycees Charitable Foundation donated $454,012 to charity, $241,630 more than in 2002.