The Color of Golf


The Associated Press has compiled a series of stories centering around the black golfer. The following is a synopsis of each feature, as well as a link to the entire story:
A Female Tiger Woods?
In a sport desperately lacking in African-Americans outside of Tiger Woods, Mariah Stackhouse certainly stands out. Having just turned 15, she's already climbed as high as No. 29 in the American Junior Golf Association's national female rankings and currently stands 33rd, making her the top-rated black player on either the girls or boys list. A Female Tiger Woods? ... Full Story

Chicago course a training ground for black golfers
It's nothing exotic, just a shaggy, meandering sliver of green at the eastern edge of a black neighborhood. But to the kids who first glimpsed Jackson Park Golf Course through a chain-link fence, it might as well have been the surface of the moon. ... Full Story

First Tee has success, but no Tiger Woods
In nearly 12 years, The First Tee has established 206 chapters in 49 states and five countries. It has reached nearly 3 million young people, including 1.3 million kids through a mandatory school program. But there remains only one black player at the highest level of golf ' and questions whether efforts to change the game's demographics are on the right course. ... Full Story

Road to PGA Tour is rocky for two black players
Tiger Woods' phenomenal rise and accomplishments seemed destined to lead to a wave of talented minority golfers, a new generation topping leaderboards throughout the country. Tim O'Neal and Stephen Reed, two African-American pros, can tell you how tough it is just to break onto the PGA Tour. ... Full Story