Daly Fails to Drive Over Niagara Falls


NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario -- John Daly gave it his all, but couldnt quite reach the other side of Niagara Falls.
The five-time PGA Tour winner tried 20 times Wednesday night to drive a golf ball across the Falls from Canada into the United States, his full-body swings growing more frenetic as ball after ball sailed into the white mist churned up from the gorge below.
I cant hit any better than this, he said after his 15th shot at a yellow flag across the river. He came closest on the second ball, which bounced off the wall just short of the target.
I killed that. Thats all I got, he said after the next shot.
Dalys longest drive in competition this year is 356 yards. Earlier Wednesday, Daly helped open the nearby Thundering Waters Golf Club, a course his company designed.
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