Daly Goes Under the Knife to Repair Muscle Tear


While Trevor Immelman was winning the Masters for his first major, John Daly was having surgery in Arkansas with hopes of getting his train-wreck of a career back on track.
Daly has cited injury as the primary reason for his poor play over the last two years, during which he has withdrawn eight times and missed the cut 14 times in 33 events. The injury dates to the 07 Honda Classic, when he tried to stop his swing upon hearing the click of a fans camera. More than a year later, his doctor believes he found the problem.
The surgery was to repair a torn muscle in his stomach.
When he tried to stop swinging at the Honda Classic, he tore his rotator cuff and he also dislocated two rib joints where they attach to the spine, said Dr. Steve Whitelaw, who works with the Arkansas Razorbacks. We rehabbed all that, but the whole time he had dislocated ribs, he tore the ligaments around them.
Whitelaw said when Daly complained of more pain, they ran a full body scan and discovered the muscle tear in the stomach.
It was not attached, and the muscle shrunk down, he said. When he swings, he uses that area with his stomach and core strength. He could only go so long without hurting. He was in a cycle he could not get out of.
Whitelaw said Daly might be able to hit easy wedge shots this week, and the recovery should be quick. Where the two-time major champion returns is uncertain, although it could be Europe.
Daly has agreed to play the Spanish Open in Seville in two weeks. Thats opposite the Wachovia Championship, which did not offer Daly an exemption this year. Daly is contemplating an extended stay in Europe, possibly playing the Italian Open and Irish Open the following two weeks, and perhaps the BMW Championship at Wentworth.