Four High School Golfers Struck by Lightning


ANACONDA, Mont. -- Lighting struck a high school golf tournament Friday, injuring four of the players, including a 14-year-old boy who was in critical condition.
Assistant Chief of Police Tom DeTonancour said an adult who performed CPR on the boy said his head was warm to the touch.
``He had been wearing a cap of some kind, and the lightning actually tore it in half,'' DeTonancour said.
Two other players on the Anaconda Country Club course in Opportunity were hospitalized in stable condition Friday. Another was treated and released, said nursing supervisor Jo Ellen Villa.
Anaconda High School golf coach Mark Torney said the storm came up quickly and there was no time to take shelter.
Butte Central golf coach Chad Petersen called 911 after the boy was struck. ``Right after that kid got hit, another one hit about a hundred yards away about five seconds later. You could feel static, and I looked over to where he was and you could see smoke,'' he said.
The rest of the tournament was canceled.
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