Grahams Competitive Days May Be Over


SYDNEY, Australia -- Two-time major champion David Graham is too ill to enter the 100th Australian Open and might not play competitive golf again.
'I would love to come but I'm afraid my life is in the hands of my doctors and I'm not sure that they're going to give me permission to travel that far,' the 58-year-old Graham said Tuesday from his home in Whitefish, Mont.
Graham, the 1977 Australian Open champion, has not played since suffering congestive heart failure during a Champions Tour event near Boston in June.
'When I was first diagnosed I was in pretty bad shape, and I'm taking a series of medications which have helped stabilize me,' Graham told Australian Associated Press. 'I'm making a little progress, but clearly not enough to allow me to go back to enjoying an active life like I was accustomed to.
'But I'm happy to be alive, and if not playing golf is one thing that I'm not physically able to do then so be it. I'll figure out a way to channel my energies in other directions.'
Graham, who won the 1979 PGA and the 1981 U.S. Open, rates himself a 50-50 chance of visiting Sydney for the Australian Open.
'I need oxygen and I need some care, but if I can get the go-ahead, I'll come.'
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