Hensby Blasts Norman Over Lack of Commitment


FINGAL, Australia -- Australian golfer Mark Hensby thinks Greg Norman isn't doing enough to help the sport in his home country.
A day before Hensby was due to begin play in the opening round of the Australian Open at Moonah Links, Hensby teed off on Australia's most well-known sports figure, saying Norman should use his influence to attract sponsors and assist young players.
'I can't see why Greg Norman is not doing anything,' Hensby said Wednesday. 'To me, he should be doing a little bit more ... to make sure it [the Australasian PGA Tour] doesn't go downhill.'
The Australasian Tour is down to six tournaments -- and three of those are jointly sanctioned with other tours: the Johnnie Walker Classic in February with the European Tour and the Jacob's Creek Open and New Zealand PGA, both with the Nationwide tour.
'Greg has never gone out of his way to help Australian golfers ... we all looked up to him,' Hensby said. 'He isn't the easiest person to talk to.'
Hensby's criticism of Norman was not shared by Robert Allenby, who described Hensby's comments as 'pretty sad.'
'Greg is Australian golf,' Allenby said. 'He doesn't owe the tour anything.'
Added Stuart Appleby: 'Greg has done a huge amount for Australian golf. I don't think he can make a huge difference now.'
Wayne Grady, chairman of the Australasian PGA Tour and 1990 U.S. PGA winner, would like Norman to have more input on the Australian tour.
'I've had discussions with him about it -- not fruitful -- but I'm always willing to talk to him about anything he'd be willing to do to be helpful to the Australian tour,' Grady said.
On Tuesday, Norman was named golfer of the century in Australia following a vote of PGA of Australia members. Norman, based in Florida, won two major championships -- the 1986 and 1993 British Opens -- among more than 80 wins worldwide, including 20 on the U.S. tour.
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