John Daly urges Tiger Woods to come clean


SYDNEY, Australia – John Daly has urged Tiger Woods to be open and end speculation over his late night car crash.

Daly had told reporters In Australia he didn’t want to know the details of Woods’ accident outside his Florida home, but in a fresh statement Tuesday said he should tell his story.

“The thing that Tiger needs to look at is, whatever happened, just tell the truth,” said Daly, who will play the Australian Open at the New South Wales Golf Club from Thursday.

Dual major winner Daly, who has had his share of off-the-course troubles, also called on Woods to attend this week’s Chevron World Golf Challenge, the tournament he hosts annually for a small, invited field.

Woods said Monday his injuries would prevent him playing in the tournament and he would not compete again until next year.

“Hopefully he’ll go out there with his wife and his kids and support … the sponsor of his tournament,” Daly told reporters. “The most important thing right now is for them to be together.”

Daly said he was confident Woods would weather the controversy.

“He’ll get over this. The family will get over it. They’ll move on. Golf needs him,” he said.

“I hate for something like that to happen to anybody. I just want him and his wife and kids to be happy and for him to keep pursuing the goals that he had.”

On Monday Daly said he hoped Woods made a swift recovery for the sake of the sport.

“Tiger’s the biggest asset the tour’s had in a long, long time,” he said. “Whatever happened, as long as he’s OK that’s all that matters. Golf needs him badly … no doubt.”