Man Wins Car with Tree-Aided Ace


ALBION, N.Y. -- It might be one of the more unusual aces in the history of golf -- and it won a Rochester, New York, man a car.
Gene Raymond was playing in a charity tournament when his tee shot from the 18th hole hooked left into some trees. The 66-year-old figured he was looking at a tough shot out of the woods.
But when Raymond and his partner got to the green, they found Raymond's ball in the hole.
Witnesses told the men that Raymond's shot hit a tree and ricocheted across the green into the hole.
Last month's hole-in-one was the first in the tournament's 26 years. And it won Raymond and his wife a 2005 Buick LaCrosse worth $30,000. They picked up the vehicle this week.
Raymond says he plays golf about once a week.
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