McCarron accuses Mickelson of cheating


SAN DIEGO (AP)—Scott McCarron is accusing Phil Mickelson of “cheating” forusing Ping wedges that were made 20 years ago with square grooves that the USGAnow outlaws for professional golf.

The Ping-Eye 2 wedges remain legal because of a lawsuit Ping filed againstthe USGA over square grooves that was settled in 1990. Under the settlement, anyPing wedge made before April 1, 1990, remains approved under the Rules of Golf.

McCarron says Mickelson and others using the Ping wedges are violating thespirit of the law. He used “cheating” in an interview with the San FranciscoChronicle, considered a vicious charge in a sport that boasts of its integrity.

Mickelson says the USGA’s new groove regulation is “ridiculous” andbelieves McCarron was attacking the rule, not him.