McCarron refuses to back down over wedge dispute


SAN DIEGO (AP)—Scott McCarron is not backing away from his opinion that PhilMickelson or anyone else on the PGA Tour should not be using the Ping-Eye 2wedges with square grooves.

McCarron says he will “not be silenced” as he works to get the groovesissues resolved.

He caused a flap last week at Torrey Pines when he said Mickelson was“cheating” by using the Ping wedge. Mickelson replied a day later that he hadbeen “publicly slandered” and he would let others handle it. He stopped shortof threatening a lawsuit.

Square grooves no longer conform to the Rules of Golf. However, the Pingwedges, if made before April 1, 1990, are approved for play under terms of alawsuit Ping settled with the USGA and the PGA Tour about 20 years ago.