Mediate It doesnt bother me at all


BARRINGTON, R.I. -- Rocco Mediate says hes not bothered by NBC golf analyst Johnny Miller saying the 45-year old golfer looks like the guy who cleans Tigers swimming pool, and Guys with the name Rocco dont get on the trophy during the U.S. Open.
Mediate was in Rhode Island on Monday to play in the CVS Caremark Charity Classic at the Rhode Island Country Club. He won the tournament five years ago.
Miller apologized Friday for his description of Mediate, who is of Italian heritage. Miller said the comments had nothing to do with Mediates ethnicity, and he meant to convey his affection and admiration for Mediates everyman qualities.
Mediate told WJAR-TV that Millers comments had been blown out of proportion.
It doesnt bother me at all, he said. He definitely didnt do it on purpose.
He called Miller quite a good announcer because he says whats on his mind. He said the analyst had left him a voicemail and he planned to call him back.
Mediate, who has never won a major, was the runner-up at the U.S. Open, losing a 19-hole playoff to Tiger Woods.