Mix up causes Hayes to be DQd from Q-School


MILWAUKEE ' J.P. Hayes disqualified himself from the PGA Tour Qualifying Tournament for inadvertently using a golf ball that isnt on the list approved for competition.
Its not uncommon for PGA Tour members to call penalties on themselves in a sport thats self-policed. For the 43-year-old Hayes, its particularly tough because it makes him ineligible to play fulltime on the PGA Tour in 2009.
On his 12th hole of the first round at Deerwood Country Club last Wednesday in McKinney, Texas, Hayes caddie reached into his golf bag, pulled out a ball and flipped it to Hayes.
He missed the green with his tee shot, chipped on and marked his ball. It was then he realized it wasnt the same one with which he had started his round. He called an official over and was penalized two shots.
Later while relaxing in his hotel room, it occurred to Hayes that the wrong ball he had played in the first round might not have been on the USGAs approved list. That led to his disqualification.