No Punishment for Ballesteros


VIRGINIA WATER, England -- Seve Ballesteros escaped punishment from the European tour after he was accused of assaulting a tournament director during an amateur event three months ago.
Spanish tour official Jose Maria Zamora was playing in the over-35 tournament at Ballesteros' home club in northern Spain. Ballesteros was a spectator.
The confrontation apparently stemmed from Zamora's slow-playing warnings to Ballesteros during tournaments in 2003. At a tournament in Madeira in 2003, Ballesteros was photographed arguing with Zamora.
'We do not condone what took place but there are mitigating circumstances for an incident so totally out of character during a career stretching more than 30 years,' said George O'Grady, who takes over as PGA European Tour executive director on Jan. 1.
He said Ballesteros and Zamora regret what happened.
'My apologies to the European tour and to those affected by my wrong manners,' Ballesteros said.
Ballesteros, who has won the British Open three times and Masters twice, hasn't played on the tour this year because of injuries.
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