Norman Wife in Contentious Divorce


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Greg Norman has cut off his wife's credit cards and held 'hostage' other disputed money and property in a contentious yearlong divorce, her lawyers said in court filings. But the famed golfer's attorneys denied all the allegations.
Laura Norman claims her husband is trying to 'starve' her out in an attempt to coerce her into signing a settlement agreement they are working out, according to a filing Monday in Martin County. Greg Norman filed for divorce last year to end his 25-year marriage.
'Everything is being held up by him,' Russell Ferraro Jr., Laura Norman's attorney, said Tuesday.
According to the filing, Greg Norman broke unwritten agreements that he would allow his wife use of credit cards to support herself and provide funds for legal fees.
Laura Norman claims that Greg Norman has also changed the locks on the couple's $22 million Jupiter Island estate.
'She has no means of support,' her lawyers wrote in the motion seeking to halt proceedings until Greg Norman provides more funds for legal fees and temporary alimony.
Greg Norman's attorneys claim he has provided her with $725,000 for legal fees and will not give any more until she signs the settlement agreement.
One of his attorneys, Martin L. Haines, III, called Laura Norman's filing 'absolutely untrue.'
'Let's just say that during the course of this case, Mrs. Norman has been exceedingly well-funded and that her lifestyle has not been compromised one iota ... and in no way would Mr. Norman cut off his wife's credit cards,' Haines said Tuesday.
Greg Norman and former tennis star Chris Evert, herself recently divorced, have been romantically linked after being seen together on several occasions. During a golf event in Australia last year, Norman would only say that two are 'very, very close friends.'
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